Tuesday, April 18

self reflection tuesday

Jewel self reflection
Originally uploaded by jakesmome.
OK, maybe it's Jewel's self reflection so it doesn't really count... but those are my feet...

Sunday, April 9

Algona POW Museum

Last weekend the kids and I joined two other homeschool families at a POW Museum in Algona, IA. I had no idea before that it had even existed, in fact I didn't even know we EVER had foreign prisoners in America. Yep, I graduated our public school system. Anyway, it was completely fascinating for me....but by the time I finished socializing and started actually exploring, the kids had seen it all. Afterwards we joined the others at the park until it was too cold to stay outside any longer, then the kids and I met Joey for supper. I don't care that all the help were wearing paper pirate hats, it was sea food dining at it's finest.....and I didn't have to cook or clean up.

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