Thursday, June 29

Do I dare say it?

I said it before and then changed our minds, but this time there's no turning back...we are going back on the road full time again. We're not going to try to convert a bus, but find a nice 40 ft. Class A that is move in ready. We've already begun the great give away, and have a couple things on eBay. We took an extra bed and entertainment center to a single Nana and her two grandkids yesterday. The only bad part of that was I was thinking since we're giving the stuff away at least we wouldn't have to haul it, but it felt good to be able to help her. She was moving into her own place that night and had nothing to sleep on. I also made flyers and posted them all over town. We may even have a buyer for the Jeep, we'll know that tonight. There's just a days worth of work left at the house and then we can get it on the market. It's nice that we're just renting the farm, so it'll be easy to get out of it, but we will definitely be enjoying our last days here. We plan on being out of here in a month....we're not messing around.

I'm going to try to document every step of the way.

Tuesday, June 20

Been a while

Let's see...what's happened the last couple weeks.
1) Had a trailer come loose and cruise into oncoming traffic during rush hour in Grand Rapids on a very busy street. (amazingly no one and no thing got hurt)
2) Did laundry
3) Met Amy, Fisher, and Riley at Chuck E Cheese.
4) Did laundry
5) Got my hair butchered
6) Let 6 yr. old frost my hair
7) Adopt an abandoned kitty, which is the cutest thing ever.....and was litter box trained to an old shoe box filled with cedar wood chips, on the very first night. She's a keeper.
8) Went to the AirZoo That place is freakin awesome! If you like airplanes you will love this *museum*. It has hundreds of old planes, a 4D theatre, actual flight simulators and rides. Click here for some pictures.
9) Came home...Yeah, thought I'd sneak that one in there.
10) Discovered electricity has been out for three weeks.....the fridge and freezer were full. We've been home 3 days now and the fridge is still sitting in the front yard. I opened it for a sec and thought I was gonna die. In the meantime, the homo's parked out front and we're using it's fridge, along with a cooler inside, and our deep freeze. How do you clean a fridge like that? There's brown liquid coming out the bottom.
11) The three acres of grass that we mow is mid thigh high, and the lawn mower belt broke after we got a good Chevy Chase mow job done. Yeah, mowed a little here, a little there...looks real perty now, especially with the fridge still strapped to the tow dolly to add to the ambiance.

Can we get back on the road now?

Tuesday, June 6

reason #2

reason #2
Originally uploaded by jakesmome.
Campground owners should beware.......I run down signs.

For reason #1 see here.

Monday, June 5


Last weekend the kids met some really nice kids to play with, a boy and his two sisters. They're back again this weekend and it turns out they're triplets!
Dillon, Hailey and Kimmie.....the cutest (and nicest) triplets we know! OK, so they're the first, but I still bet the cutest and nicest.

Unschoolers Nationwide

So here we are in Michigan for a while, where normally we just keep to ourselves, but this time I decided to post on a local homeschooling list looking for other unschoolers. Look what showed up:
Only the one on the right is mine.:)Talk about coincidences!

Now that I've spread our wings and gone beyond the campground, I'm almost regretting it. We're already getting sad thinking of the great friends we made here and knowing that soon we'll have to leave them. That's the tough part about this life.
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