Barenaked Family
living...clearing stuff. Again
playing...with a new camper let go. Again
working...on the freedom metaphor

Bluebird Family
a homeschooling family of 5. We embrace a natural life learning philosophy and we have plenty of time to follow our interests and passions. Gotta run, the bus is all warmed up and we are on the road for our next adventure!

Show Us The World
This is the story of when Mom and Dad decided that seeing the world with the kids would be MORE fun than waiting till they were gone!

There are so many adventures to be had.....our life. a series of irresposible adventures.

The Jones family are Andrew and Debbie and their 5 kids, Sam, Elizabeth, Abigail, Hannah and TJ. We left Orkney (an island of the north coast of Scotland) in March 2009 and are traveling in a 4×4 Overlander truck named Maggie.

Adventures of a mom on the road with four small kids as they follow their traveling pipeliner

S/V Totem Family
Sailing with Totem - A Family's Nomadic Journey

Journey Mama
We live in India. Before that we lived in Sacramento, and before that we lived in the Woods in Northern California, with the tall tall trees and the winding rivers. We are not done with our journey, by any means.

Activated Storytellers
A couple of traveling actors that raised a kid on the road. He has since moved out of the motorhome but Mom and Dad keep going strong, and heading to a school or library near you!

Toast Floats
Former cruisers now living in New Zealand while they plump the kitty.
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