Monday, April 23

Family Bloops and Blunders

I came across an old video I had made that I guess I forgot to post here. So for your annoyment and a laugh on me, check it out.

Saturday, April 21

Satellite, Blogs, & Hammocks

Satellite dishes
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You'd think since I no longer have to scour the streets looking for an open wi-fi signal I'd be posting all the time. Yeah, I thought that too. Maybe the thrill is gone, the rush I'd get when I'd finally get online, and the fact that I always had to do it quick because the kids were usually sitting in the back of the car doing car flips. I would feel this obligation to post, I think just because I had a blog though, not because anyone else actually cared. Heck, I have to remind my Mom even to check it out, and forget about her leaving me a comment. She just can she forget me?? I bet she doesn't even know how to check out my pictures over there on the sidebar. Family and friends are what I started this blog for in the first place, is there one family member out there this reads this? If not, I can finally start talking about you..thanks.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Why am I not blogging? Because I'm not a writer, I guess. I've always hated writing and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that the only time I ever wrote as a kid was when it was being graded and scrutinized. I still feel that way today. Sometimes I go so far as to try to write very badly so that noone will say, that girl can't write, what's she thinking?

I have, however, found my talent:

I can organize four days worth of dishes to fit in a tiny sink and cover it with a cutting board so my kitchen appears clean. Nevermind the fact that I'll spend 20 minutes organizing them just so, I could have washed them quicker than that.

I also have the ability to put my foot in my mouth...I do that a lot, only figuratively, not literally.

I've also decided it's time to take my amateur photography hobby to the next level. I'm searching for the perfect DSLR for me, and thus, making myself really crazy. How important is an image stabilizer or anti-shake on an SLR? There's about a $600 difference on the two cameras I've narrowed it down to, but I'm not sure if I can sacrifice that feature. Such dilemas.

So what WAS this post about?

Thursday, April 5

Not all smiles for everyone

Brown Trout
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While the bus was full of excitement today over Joey's latest catch, one member was oddly missing. I found Jonas in my bed crying over the fact that Dad didn't catch and release this time. I won't be surprised if this big hearted kid of ours turns vegan. He freaked out once when Joey caught a grasshopper and pulled his wings off to throw it on the lake for fish bait, I don't know why I didn't see it coming today. Poor kid. Jewel made it up to him by finding a claw to give him to add to his collection.

Claw All is right in his world again.

Wednesday, April 4

Monday, April 2

Meeker, CO

It always takes us a few weeks to relax and get in the groove of a new place, and since we plan on being here for a while, we're not in a big rush. We are however, settling in quite comfortably. Meeker is a cute little town nestled in the mountains along the White River. The countryside is sparkling with lakes and rivers where antelope, deer and elk graze. The history is rich with Indian ties and the site of The Meeker Massacre, killing Indian Agent Nathan C. Meeker and ten civilian employees. Now it's a haven for snow mobilers, huntlers and anglers. Joey and the boys are covering the angling part. We've driven back into some National Forest land, but haven't gotten any hiking in yet. I'm still waiting for a little bit warmer weather before I get fully motivated. There's enough to do at camp to keep us (me) fulfilled for now.

Like turning picnic tables into parking lots

So all my kids can play

Find new ways to enjoy the hammock


And enjoy the gorgeous sunsets

Did I also mention that we now have Satellite Internet! Yep, life is good!
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