Thursday, April 5

Not all smiles for everyone

Brown Trout
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While the bus was full of excitement today over Joey's latest catch, one member was oddly missing. I found Jonas in my bed crying over the fact that Dad didn't catch and release this time. I won't be surprised if this big hearted kid of ours turns vegan. He freaked out once when Joey caught a grasshopper and pulled his wings off to throw it on the lake for fish bait, I don't know why I didn't see it coming today. Poor kid. Jewel made it up to him by finding a claw to give him to add to his collection.

Claw All is right in his world again.

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Angela said...

I'm w/ Jonas (made hubby throw one big one back a while ago)but very carnivorous daughter cried because we "didn't get to fry and eat was BIG would have been good!" - I do eat some meat (not a lot) but I'm mostly veggeterian...have made repeated attempts to convert my daughter (tried to horrify her with the correlation of meat to the animal...i.e. "the hamburger you are eating is from a COW honey") but she won't go for it. Give Jonas a hug for me!LOL

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