Wednesday, May 31

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend was great! We stayed at the campground and watched the kids' interactions with all the other kids here. And Boy, were there a lot of kids here this weekend! We usually have the place pretty much to ourselves, but it came alive this weekend. At first the kids had a hard time adjusting to all the action, but they eventually found their groove. It started out with a lot of name calling and pushing, and our poor boys couldn't figure out why the others were so mean. We're definitely not used to typical school yard behavior and there was plenty of that going on. They eventually met a really nice boy and his two sisters and they spent the weekend "Pokemoning". We became the unofficial playground police, and it was funny to watch the other kids. They'd throw sand at each other, hit, name call, but as soon as they saw me.....they stopped dead in their tracks. Not because I was mean, but I let them know if they wanted to play with my kids they had to play nice......and it actually worked! It was a surprise to me though how many kids just ran around all day with absolutely no adult supervision. I know our kids appreciated the fact that we were there watching. Without us to protect them, they would have been forced to turn into one of them!

We also spent a lot of time on the lake. It was quite depressing though watching all the boats on the lake pulling kids around tubes, knowing our boat is just sitting in our garage back home. :( I got a blow up floating island and some miscellaneous floaties, and we had a great time anyway.

We also had people stopping by camp all weekend, drinking beer and telling stories. My favorite was Herb, and how he tried to go to Vietnam but the military wouldn't allow him because of his eyesight, so he went to Height-Ashbury and ended up protesting the war. He met all the cool rockers from that time: The Doors, Janis Joplin and so many others I can't think of right now.

We treated ourselves to huge crab legs. Got crab legs?The kids caught toads jewel and her toadand Jonas even caught a snake. jonas's snake(

All in all it was a great weekend and we never even left the campground. Thanks Chuck, Herb and Tim of Welcome Woods Campground!

Friday, May 26

Big week

What a Big week! It finally warmed up and the kids and I have started exploring. First we met up with some unschoolers at a park near Kalamazoo. The kids had great fun rolling down a huge hill...who needs playground equipment when nature makes it's own great play places!

Yesterday since the weather was still so nice we decided to hike some trails. We went out to The Pierce Cedar Institute and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty.
Pierce Cedar InstitutePierce Cedar Institute

Jonas even met a friend, which he's holding, Cat. There were tons of frogs around that pond but they were too quick for my little amphibian lovers.

Driving home after hiking I couldn't resist taking the kids to the coolest playground ever: Tangle Town. It's totally interactive, so much so that even I can't control myself. Guess who can swing the highest?

NOTE: Video removed, but can still be viewed here.

After the park it did start raining again, but at least it was warm this time. We sat outside and watched the kids play in the rain for what seemed like hours. Life is good.

Saturday, May 20

Camp LIfe

Things are going good. Yesterday while garage saling we found bikes for the boys. Originally they wanted $20 a piece, but since it was near the end of the day, and I wanted both bikes, and I only had $9 left on me....we scored two new bikes for only $9! Talk about a bargain. Other than laundry, grocery shopping, and dishes, we're just trying to stay dry. We seem to be bring bad weather with us wherever we go. It's been almost non stop raining, and pretty cold.

When the days are nice we hang out at the lake and hike around the trails. Here's a little video clip to bore you with:
NOTE: Video removed but can still be viewed here.

Monday, May 15

If you camp without full hook-ups

I will be forced to call the honey wagon to suck up all our crap
camping 003
In order for crap sucker to do it's job, I have to move my car, where it's convenient for me
camping 006
Then the owner of the campground will have to bring his tractor down
camping 009
Pulling my truck out will leave ugly marks in his lawn
camping 012
Plow down ugly ruts
camping 013
Make it even uglier?
camping 015
So sorry!

Wednesday, May 10

If you buy yourself a hula hoop

Everyone will want to get in on the act

NOTE: Video removed but can still be viewed here.

Saturday, May 6

Welcome Woods Camprground

Just thought I'd share some pics of my rough day at the campground yesterday. campground
Yes, I had to watch the kids while they played at the playground, and I had to endure the horrible view I have of the lake.....all while staying in my bed all day. Jacob told Dad I must be afraid of the outside....Jonas
Not as afraid as I am of letting them in!!

Thursday, May 4

Hastings, MI

We finally got to our destination yesterday, and of course, there's no wi-fi to be seen. I don't know what took us so long. We used to be able to drive over 1000 miles in a single day but on Tuesday it took us 12 hrs just to go a little over 200 mies! To say we're taking our time and enjoying the ride would be an understatement. The campground we chose is great so far. We picked the closest spot to the beach, which is actually the farthest spot to drive in the campground. We're also directly across the dirt road of a big playground which Jewel is absoloutely in love with. The weather is super, but being parked on Mosquito Ave. does not give me any illusions of a bug free time.

Someone from my Unschooling Families on the Road group wrote the other day that fulltiming is not what they were expecting, and they are cancelling their trip early and heading back home. For some reason this has really been bothering me...and I can't really figure out why. I think it just saddens me because for us, getting back into the motorhome is like reconnecting as a family again. At home we have so many things to occupy our time and thoughts that we kinda do our own things, but being in such close quarters brings about interactions that we might not have had otherwise. I love the closeness that happens to us when we're in our motorhome, and the kids love it as well. We originally were not going to go with Joey on this job but I decided last minute to go along, since I really had nothing that important keeping me home anyway, and everyday since we left, Joey has been very vocal in telling me how happy he is that we all came. It's definitely a lot more work hauling 5 people, rather than him just going it alone, but there's a much bigger reward for us being together. Granted, I can still leave whenever I want and go back home, so not having that option does make it seem more daunting. It just saddens me that they couldn't find the joy that we find being on the road.

May everyone find what brings them joy.

Monday, May 1

where the fuhkaui?

On the road again....just can't wait to get on the road again. Wait? There was no waiting involved. We are on the road again. I'll be blogging more regularly now since I'm on VACA...woo hoo!! We're sitting in a rest stop while Joey stretches his legs and I couldn't miss a chance to use free wi-fi. My battery is about dead so I have to keep it short....peace out, and happy birthday to me!
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