Thursday, May 4

Hastings, MI

We finally got to our destination yesterday, and of course, there's no wi-fi to be seen. I don't know what took us so long. We used to be able to drive over 1000 miles in a single day but on Tuesday it took us 12 hrs just to go a little over 200 mies! To say we're taking our time and enjoying the ride would be an understatement. The campground we chose is great so far. We picked the closest spot to the beach, which is actually the farthest spot to drive in the campground. We're also directly across the dirt road of a big playground which Jewel is absoloutely in love with. The weather is super, but being parked on Mosquito Ave. does not give me any illusions of a bug free time.

Someone from my Unschooling Families on the Road group wrote the other day that fulltiming is not what they were expecting, and they are cancelling their trip early and heading back home. For some reason this has really been bothering me...and I can't really figure out why. I think it just saddens me because for us, getting back into the motorhome is like reconnecting as a family again. At home we have so many things to occupy our time and thoughts that we kinda do our own things, but being in such close quarters brings about interactions that we might not have had otherwise. I love the closeness that happens to us when we're in our motorhome, and the kids love it as well. We originally were not going to go with Joey on this job but I decided last minute to go along, since I really had nothing that important keeping me home anyway, and everyday since we left, Joey has been very vocal in telling me how happy he is that we all came. It's definitely a lot more work hauling 5 people, rather than him just going it alone, but there's a much bigger reward for us being together. Granted, I can still leave whenever I want and go back home, so not having that option does make it seem more daunting. It just saddens me that they couldn't find the joy that we find being on the road.

May everyone find what brings them joy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this beautiful brought tears to my eyes! I'm glad you are having fun on the road and enjoying yourselves!!! ~Heather :)

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