Friday, May 26

Big week

What a Big week! It finally warmed up and the kids and I have started exploring. First we met up with some unschoolers at a park near Kalamazoo. The kids had great fun rolling down a huge hill...who needs playground equipment when nature makes it's own great play places!

Yesterday since the weather was still so nice we decided to hike some trails. We went out to The Pierce Cedar Institute and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty.
Pierce Cedar InstitutePierce Cedar Institute

Jonas even met a friend, which he's holding, Cat. There were tons of frogs around that pond but they were too quick for my little amphibian lovers.

Driving home after hiking I couldn't resist taking the kids to the coolest playground ever: Tangle Town. It's totally interactive, so much so that even I can't control myself. Guess who can swing the highest?

NOTE: Video removed, but can still be viewed here.

After the park it did start raining again, but at least it was warm this time. We sat outside and watched the kids play in the rain for what seemed like hours. Life is good.

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