We're a pretty unpredictable family. In fac,t the most common question we get asked is, "Where are you now???".

We're Joe, Vicki, Jacob(13), Jonas(10) and Jewel(8, and we are an unschooling family that can't seem to sit still. We began a life on the road twelve years ago after walking away from a conventional suburban life, in search of a better one. After almost three years in a 23 ft Class C and pregnant with our third child, we figured it was time to settle down again. We found a great house in Fonda, Iowa and thought we'd found our new home. For a few years we summered in Iowa but continued to head south in the RV for work in the winters. Then we rented this great farm and thought the country life was for us. After a year and a half of that we decided to trade the small RV for a large converted schoolbus and said to heck with stick house living for good!

We lived, worked and traveled in the Big Green Bus for almost four years before trading it for our current life now....Hawaii Beach Bums.

Instead of power lunches, rush hour, and longing for the weekends we now enjoy lazy road side picnics, scenic drives and crowdless weekday adventures. No schools, no rules, no alarm clocks....Welcome to our life.

And our life is just about to change again as we take on the task of buying a sailboat and becoming cruisers. The adventure never ends.


Nielle said...

Hi Vicki, LOVE your blog!It's linked with my favorite RV Families. :))) We are a new to F/T family of 4 and I'm wondering where you guys are domiciled (and with who)? Texas seems fantastic for unschooling...but South Dakota is better for all the RV related "stuff". H-E-L-P!!!! I am soooooo torn. We are leavu=ing California at the end of July...do we have to declare to having children wherever we choose to domicile? If you want to unschool...(AND ARE MOVING TO A COMPLETELY NEW STATE)...how would they know our kids even exist in the first place?

Thanks a lot Vicki and family.
Denise in California

Paul A, NJ said...

I love this blog. You have given me a ton of great ideas for my upcoming trip to Makaha. Amazing stuff, keep on truckin.

lilaimilita said...

Inspiring to learn of other families living this way. I'm not crazy to think it can be done! Still in dreaming/researching stages but hoping to be out of the "maze" in next 12 months. :-)

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