Monday, December 29

Rocky Mountain National Park

The weekend before Joey's accident we were road trippin' through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was weeks later before I even downloaded the photos to my laptop. Then another week before we even looked at them. So I guess it's no surprise it's months before I get around to blogging about it. BUT...In order to fully experience our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park with us, you must first turn up the stereo. If you're reading this through a reader I tried to embed the music player but it wouldn't work, so if you want to get the full experience you'll have to take that extra click to get you there, to my actual site. I know..the horror. But I like to think it's worth it.

Starting point, our guest room at The Longbranch Restaurant in Granby, CO:
The Longbranch Restaurant & guest rooms

Lake Granby, outside the park
Lake Granby

Rocky Mtn Nat Park

road to the top of the World

Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Clean up for lunch
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Rocky Mtn Nat Park

While everyone else gets ready to eat, Jewel can't put down her new caterpillar friend.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Stopped at another creek:
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

This is where I make them stop what they're doing and smile for the camera
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 225

Hike to the bridge:
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 220
Notice the Swift Water sign?

I had an ambush waiting for me once I reached the bridge:
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 223

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 227

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 236

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 240

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 241

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 245

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 247

Rocky Mtn Nat Park 257

Kick off your shoes...
Rocky Mountain slippers

We've got more exploring to do..
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Jewel's getting brave.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 269

Maybe not.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 270

The boys are tough, though...they can handle it. they can handle anything.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Well......maybe not Jake...
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

Just don't go past that big rock.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 273

Not a problem for some.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park

But of course he can't let his little brother out do him.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 290

Jonas up to his neck in melted Rocky Mountain snow.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park 299
Wearing a shirt made the water somehow less cold, he says.

He felt so good about himself he allowed a photo.
All dried up

We went to Moraine Park Museum next, where we edumacated ourselves on glaciers and mountains and Indians and buffalo and.....and....
Moraine park Museum

We bypassed Estes park and planned on heading home. Then we saw Lily Lake.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park, Lily Lake trail
Who could resist?
Lily Lake

By the time everyone figured out it was longer than they thought, it was too late..they couldn't turn back. Jewel didn't mind at all.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park, Lily Lake

Even Jonas caught the fun walking bug.
Rocky Mtn Nat Park, Lily Lake

Rocky Mtn Nat Park, Lily Lake
I could follow these people forever.

Lily Lake trail

Every once in a while though I get a: Are you coming?
Rocky Mtn Nat Park, Lily Lake trail
I could have stayed out here forever.
Lily Lake

We topped off the day with a poolside room in, I believe, Eagle, CO. I do know for sure it was a Holiday Inn Express (quickly becoming my home away from home away from bus).
Holiday Inn in Eagle, CO
We got a nice discount on the room, then the free poolside upgrade, along with the boys' desire to swim and play until pool closing......we splurged and treated ourselves to room service, wonderful room service, including dessert.

As beautiful as the Park was, the kids declared the hotel the highlight of the weekend. I loved it all. Joey just dreams of being able to walk across mossy rocks in swift water again.

After rereading this post I realized there's not one mention of how it was crowded as hell and we couldn't get a parking spot at any of the major sites. The only way to see the the most popular parts of the park was to take the shuttle bus....and that wasn't happening. It also rained a lot. The massive people is what I remember as my biggest turn off for the park, but we quickly found cool, off the beaten path places and had a great time, probably even better than the key tourist places. I took a gazillion pictures this day, and thankfully!! because when we looked through the pictures on the computer we had COMPLETELY forgotten about swimming in the icy cold river and hiking around Lily Lake. All I remembered was we were there, and there were too many people. ( Joey's accident turned everything else into a big blur)The pictures bring it all back for me and each one has it's own story behind it. Not a story with words, just a lot of good feelings. Feelings that we can't wait to get back to someday...soon.

Monday, December 22

Long Overdue Update

The main thing everyone wants to know is How is Joey doing? Joey wants everyone to know that he is doing good. It's been thirteen weeks since the accident and he's happy with his improvements and he's enjoying the down time, dreaming and plotting our future. He's been in physical therapy three weeks now and reports back to the doctor end of January, to check on his progress. His arm is all they're focusing on at therapy, but that doesn't stop me from giving him a hard time when he still grabs a cane or a crutch to walk with. He's actually walking again! Something he was sure would never happen again. He's not pushing himself, rather letting himself recover one day at a time.

Once Joey started getting around on crutches he felt he could build some things and try selling them, so we, Jewel, Joey and myself, made a quick trip up to Colorado to get his truck. We were barely home when my best friend from grade school was only two hundred fifty miles away visiting family, that we had to make another road trip to visit her. Last week we were invited to family in Dallas, then over the weekend we had a family gathering here for family I hadn't seen since I was a baby. All this with therapy three times a week, Christmas shopping, keeping my mom entertained, baking, and trying to keep everyone healthily fed.....we've been busy.

I've had many of you reach out to us, offering support and encouragement, and I can't say with words how much it has meant to us.

Wednesday, November 19

I'mmmmmm Baaaaack

My mom has been offline about as long as I have and wrote the following in an email to all her peeps. Being the slacker I am, I figured I'd steal it and add some photos.

Okay - - - much has transpired since last we chatted. Vicki and Joey are here - - trip here was good and the weather here has co-operated quite well - - high 70's low 80's. Upon the arrival of the Watkins' crew, it was noted that we had a very useable chicken coop (hand built by my Dad and nephew)BUT there was a definite lack of chickens.
Green Acres 013
Sooooo, even though we have "chicks" on order, we were requested (what Vicki wants, Vicki gets)to answer an ad on Craigs list for 6 week old chicks. That said, - - we now are the proud parents of "Brownie" and "Princess".
Mama Hen
They do make nice pets - - and they are very accepting of our accommodations for them - - - Good job Victor! Next was the request for an outdoor activity that the kids would use all the time - - - now we go on Craigs list and find a trampoline for a steal of a price. Having said that - - it was quite a sight with everyone trying to put it together - - - it is nice though. And as promised, does get used by the kids every day.
Green Acres (57)

Approximately a week later Our granddaughters, Jewel and Lillian,
crazy girls
came running in to the TV room - - - - Papa - - Papa - - Papa - - - you gotta come outside - - quick - - you gotta come with us. Papa, having been summoned like this before, inquired as to the "why's and for what" - - its a parrot - - its a parrot - - - its outside!! He goes outside - - see's it on the edge of the roof - - - he stays there while the Grandaughters fetch him a chair to stand on - - He was able to step on the chair and grab hold of him. He came walking into our bedroom with a bird on his shoulder!!
I couldn't believe it. I was reading and watching TV - - never heard a commotion - - Now - - what do we do? First order of business was to build a small cage for him to sleep in. Then the following day we would check with the neighbors and inquire to see if anyone was missing a bird. Having found no takers, we were again back on craigs list looking this time for a cage. We ended up with one taller than me - - about four feet wide and three feet deep. He is definitely a mans bird! (Bites women!) Jewel and Papa went to PetsSmart a few days later and came home with a "what the heck is this?"
more green acres 091
- - - in actuality it is a tadpole - - - BUTTTTTT - - - a Texas SIZE tadpole - - - luckily we still had a fish bowl up in the barn from Vicki's last trip through. It was a freebie - - the girls liked Jewel and it made its way in with the goldfish shipment, so he wasn't inventoried. His name is Jeff.

Joey went to the doctors Wednesday - - he took Joey's cast off his arm and took pliers and pulled the pins/screws out!!!! Joey said he was glad he didn't know the night before that he was going to have the screws pulled out, - - he would have probably been a "no show"!! He has a brace on his arm - - - and is requested to do exercises both with his leg, arm and hand. Vicki has some homeschooling, on the road, friends that have met up with them and are here at the present, for a couple of days. They also have a converted bus.
more green acres 149

From Green Acres, Carole
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