Wednesday, November 19

I'mmmmmm Baaaaack

My mom has been offline about as long as I have and wrote the following in an email to all her peeps. Being the slacker I am, I figured I'd steal it and add some photos.

Okay - - - much has transpired since last we chatted. Vicki and Joey are here - - trip here was good and the weather here has co-operated quite well - - high 70's low 80's. Upon the arrival of the Watkins' crew, it was noted that we had a very useable chicken coop (hand built by my Dad and nephew)BUT there was a definite lack of chickens.
Green Acres 013
Sooooo, even though we have "chicks" on order, we were requested (what Vicki wants, Vicki gets)to answer an ad on Craigs list for 6 week old chicks. That said, - - we now are the proud parents of "Brownie" and "Princess".
Mama Hen
They do make nice pets - - and they are very accepting of our accommodations for them - - - Good job Victor! Next was the request for an outdoor activity that the kids would use all the time - - - now we go on Craigs list and find a trampoline for a steal of a price. Having said that - - it was quite a sight with everyone trying to put it together - - - it is nice though. And as promised, does get used by the kids every day.
Green Acres (57)

Approximately a week later Our granddaughters, Jewel and Lillian,
crazy girls
came running in to the TV room - - - - Papa - - Papa - - Papa - - - you gotta come outside - - quick - - you gotta come with us. Papa, having been summoned like this before, inquired as to the "why's and for what" - - its a parrot - - its a parrot - - - its outside!! He goes outside - - see's it on the edge of the roof - - - he stays there while the Grandaughters fetch him a chair to stand on - - He was able to step on the chair and grab hold of him. He came walking into our bedroom with a bird on his shoulder!!
I couldn't believe it. I was reading and watching TV - - never heard a commotion - - Now - - what do we do? First order of business was to build a small cage for him to sleep in. Then the following day we would check with the neighbors and inquire to see if anyone was missing a bird. Having found no takers, we were again back on craigs list looking this time for a cage. We ended up with one taller than me - - about four feet wide and three feet deep. He is definitely a mans bird! (Bites women!) Jewel and Papa went to PetsSmart a few days later and came home with a "what the heck is this?"
more green acres 091
- - - in actuality it is a tadpole - - - BUTTTTTT - - - a Texas SIZE tadpole - - - luckily we still had a fish bowl up in the barn from Vicki's last trip through. It was a freebie - - the girls liked Jewel and it made its way in with the goldfish shipment, so he wasn't inventoried. His name is Jeff.

Joey went to the doctors Wednesday - - he took Joey's cast off his arm and took pliers and pulled the pins/screws out!!!! Joey said he was glad he didn't know the night before that he was going to have the screws pulled out, - - he would have probably been a "no show"!! He has a brace on his arm - - - and is requested to do exercises both with his leg, arm and hand. Vicki has some homeschooling, on the road, friends that have met up with them and are here at the present, for a couple of days. They also have a converted bus.
more green acres 149

From Green Acres, Carole


Snavleys said...

LOL!! I love it! It's a great life, so much fun!!

organic tribe said...

COOL bus!!! LOL!

Can't wait to see you guys again!

Karen said...

Looks as though everyone is enjoying the landing spot! If a couple cockatiels land on your roof, let us know! Ours flew away this summer in Minnesota. Bad, bad bird owners!

Mary Ann said...


So glad that Joey is making such fantastic progress! My husband had almost the same injuries in 2001 and didn't "get lucky" with his recovery. It took six surgeries and 18 months for him to be able to drive again and three years to be back to "normal." Eventually, it became the life event that changed everything about my life that ending up causing us to be a FOTR.

I cried when I read the part about "I wake up the first morning back in my home, and I can't stop crying..." Oh my darling, I wish I could have held you on that day. You were right, it was because you'd been so strong. You'll be proud of yourself when it's all over. I know that Joey has to do the work of healing, but you have your own work -- holding the family all together.

My mantra was (and still is) what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger! If you ever need help being brave -- call me (714) 328-8541.

Love to your family,

Karrie Welborn said...

The picture of Jewel with her chickens is gorgeous! My Max constantly asks me for chickens. I'm glad he cannot see your blog right now. Between the travel and the chickens, well, that;s his dream life right there. :-)

karrie said...

Oops--"Momvoyage" here--was signed in for craft blog comments.SOrry!

Lisa said...

Hey there! You haven't posted for a while, I hope Joey is healing well and the rest of you are all ok!!

lisafer said...

oops, helps if I can type in the right URL, just in case you're wondering! ;)

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