Sunday, October 19

Four Rats

I'm interrupting Pain on the Pipeline to introduce our newest bus passenger...
Stuart On Top
Meet Stuart.

Jewel decided for her seventh birthday last month that she really wanted a rat. We've had a dog, a cat, two goldfish, a hamster and numerous mouse hitchhikers, but this would be our first rat. None of the other pets worked out great. The dog got car sick and funked up the air, the cat got lost, fish froze, hamster died (and was an awful biter anyway), and the mice got trapped. Before getting any pet we have to think about the future, and if/how they'll fit into it. We're not into disposable pets, ya know. What about plans for Hawaii? Can we take him on a plane? Will my mom babysit? (don't know, don't know, NO) We got him anyway.

He's turning out to quite possibly be the best pet ever. Once I got over the rodent aspect, he's really quite cute, and very loyal to his mama, Jewel.
Thirsty Stuart
And just look how cute he is when he drinks.
I guess with Halloween coming up though he had to make himself look a little freaky.
Creepy Stuart

originally we planned to get Jonas a rat too so he didn't get his feelings hurt when Jewel got her rat, but it didn't bother him at all. We also figured Stuart would like another rat to keep him company, but I think our three rats are doing a good enough job of making Stuart feel at home and loved.
Jonas and Stuart

The thing that surprised me the most about the rat was the fact that he doesn't try to run away. Jewel can go anywhere with him, sit anywhere with him and he won't even try to leave her lap. Jewel is also very good about feeding him everyday and giving him fresh water, and not a day goes by that she doesn't take him out and play with him. Yep, he's a keeper.


Back to Pain on the Pipeline......we're still in Colorado waiting for a doctor in Texas to accept his case.


Jody said...

Stuart is very cute. Rats make really excellent pets, and they live quite a long time.

Have a safe trip to Texas!

cherapple said...

Rats are the best! We recently got a couple ourselves (we've had them before, but not for several years). You can see pictures on our blog (under the "pets" tag). Were you at the Live and Learn conference? I'm not sure how I found out about your blog, but I've been reading it for a few weeks, along with tons of other unschooling blogs. I'd love to live your traveling life!


thriftymom said...

Stuart is cute and I have heard also they make great pets.

Continued prayers for Joey, I hope you are able to find a doctor in texas

Snavleys said...

Fun, fun! I think the only thing that would stop me in a motorhome is the smell:)

littlecastle said...

Cute! He looks like he will make a great pet to Jewel. You've been in our thoughts since we read about the accident. Best wishes for fast healing. The Showalter Family

Anonymous said...

Rats are great, and can be train to do tricks and males just like to be petted and eat. they last only 3-4 years but i love them if we did not have the dogs I would get them again,

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