Wednesday, October 15

Caterpillar to the Rescue

The first thing Joey did after landing in the trench was tell the guys to call for help, "I've got a broken leg and a broken arm, but I'm stable". The guys...
joey in trench
took pictures.

The Fire and Rescue crew out of Battlement Mesa also took pictures, and gave me a CD today containing a few of them. They left out all the pictures of the actual rescue, including harnessing him to the basket and lifting him out with the trackhoe. No pictures of them putting the traction unit or the neck brace on, or even any close up pics of him or the actual accident scene. I have enough pictures though to show you where they had to go to get him, and how they had to do it. Plus they're pretty pictures.

Mtn Rescue 002 e
The ambulance had to park at the bottom of the hill because the incline is way too steep for it to make it up. I don't know how they made it up there, but they came down with Joey, loaded into the back of a pickup with the Caterpillar backing it down the hill.
Mtn Rescue 006
He said that ride was the worst!
Mtn Rescue 008
But at least he had a beautiful view on the way down. :)

He rode down a hill, then up a hill, then they backed up, then down another hill. They talked him through the bumps and kept telling him they were almost there, and he did his best to stay calm and relaxed.
Mtn Rescue 015

Fugal Pipeline Mtn. Rescue

After talking with more people today we learned that he was thrown on to the metal pipe, then flipped one hundred eighty degrees before being catapulted almost seventy feet to hit the rock wall of a trench, then bounce to the other wall before dropping to it's eight foot bottom. What a ride.

We got new X-Rays at the hospital today, and the doctor is very happy with his progress and says we can go to Texas whenever he's up for the ride. We were planning on leaving in the morning but now we can't leave until workman's comp finds us a fracture specialist in Texas that will adhere to Colorado's laws. Slight bummer, but really after being in the car for a few hours today, I think it's best if he wait a little longer anyway.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Wowsers! It is a miracle that he is alive. He is one tough man!! I hope he is getting along o.k. Miss Nurse. And I would think you'd find a doc o.k. Long drive for you though. I understand. Let us know if you need anything. I bet we could find some help. ;)


Nosualcy said...

Sorry to hear of the accident. I know the road he will be traveling for a while - I was in a similar accident many years ago. No fun.
Glad that it wasn't worse.
Hang in there.

Hilary said...

Sounds very painful, but I'm glad the progress is going well.

Traveling Inferno, USA said...

So glad that things are improving, even if slowly. You are such a strong, awesome WOMEN! Praying for strength for you all!

Love Much, Katherine

thriftymom said...

That was some rescue plan for your husband and it is a miracle that he wasn't hurt worse. Angels must have been looking over him.

Continued prayers for your husband recovery


sonnier tribe mama said...

I'm so glad he is ok now. It sounds like a horrible experience, but you are right, it was a beautiful ride.

Madeline said...

Wow. It is amazing that he is alive. Thank God that he is so tough and is on the mend. I hope you get to stop a lot on the way to TX. That's a long drive.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear Joey is getting better. Thank goodness he's build like a rock. Hey, he even has his own theme song.hehe. I know that with a lot of love for each other and hopefuly as many laughs your family will make it through this just fine. Your family reminds me a little of mine. Very close, very strong,oh yeah, a little crazy. Wish you a quick recovery..

Kathy said...

OMFG what a HILL!!! The pictures are amazing! I'm hoping you guys are doing well and that he recovers speedily. Warm hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

That was so shocking to read, I'm glad to know that your mom is going to help you, and I was really impressed with your children, It sounds like your great parents! Your in my prayers.
annie & Lakota

Snavleys said...

So wonderful that he is healing so well! What an ordeal! We are continuing to send positive energy to your corner of the world:)

Karen said...

The life of a working man. Dangerous stuff. Sending you *both* healing energy...

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