Tuesday, March 28

Sheila B.'s

Sheila B's Popcorn Factory gave a great tour for our little homeschooling group. The factory is actually just a small building off the highway in even smaller, Manson, Iowa. I arranged a tour with the owner a week or two in advance. When we first arrived we had a brief orientation about the factory in the lobby, where the owner explained a little about their company, such as who they supply, and where they get their wrappers. He also explained that his now deceased wife's name was Sheila B., for whom he named the company.

Popcorn Factory

The tour lasted about an hour long total, I guess...and was pretty interesting. The owner walked us through the entire process, from putting the butter into the bags, to folding and wrapping, to packaging. Nothing was left out. The owner was very proud of his company and really seemed to enjoy giving us the tour. (I've been on two here and both times he was just as pleasant as could be.)

At the end of the tour each kid got their own bag of microwave popping corn, and a little education on How's That Made?
Popcorn Factory

Thursday, March 23




Tuesday, March 21

Snow Day

So much for spring cleaning, we must play in the new fallen snow on the first day of Spring. Isn't that what everyone does?

The weather here is so wacky, but we haven't gotten much snow this year and since we got a few new inches last night and it's melting quickly, we had to go play in it. Jewel was afraid to go down a sled so her and I had a snow ball fight, until I got her in the chin...Then it wasn't so much fun anymore.

Wish daddy could have been with us. But at least the boys got in a lot of practice and are now ready for the big slopes!

Sunday, March 19

Work is a calling

But Joey has to go it alone this time. The kids and I are staying behind and doing some Spring cleaning. I intend to clean out every closet and cupboard and hopefully discard a lot of junk. All that work should count towards getting some exercise, right?
Joey's only a couple hours away and will be home on the weekends, so it's not so bad. I'll get to get all those things accomplished that I never can get done when Joey's home. Who wants to work when we can hang out together all day.


Until I decide how to link back to all my old blog entries this post will have to do. The old stuff can be found at www.homeschoolblogger.com/watkinsexperience

Saturday, March 18


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Jacob has been highlighting my hair for the last 3 yrs so when I asked him to do my hair a few weeks ago I just figured it'd be no problem. Well, that boy ain't dumb. He's demanding money now. $3. Whew. At least he's cheap. Then a few more days go by and it's time to do the job. I waited too long, he's wised up and now demands a new X box game. I figured I'd get away with a $20 game, no problem. I should have bought the game then. Yesterday he tells me that instead of that game he'd like a new Gameboy game and a link cable so him and Jonas can play and trade Pokemons. $40 later.........Oh well, it's still cheap for 3 yrs worth of coloring, and the way they cuddle up together and have friendly battles. Priceless.

Jewel wants a Gamegirl.


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He's a big friendly critter, but he digs a mean hole! We live on 200 acres of CRP, County Restoration Project, land so we have lots of wildlife, and no dog to chase them away. For now I love them all but we'll see how I feel come this summer and they're trying to eat my crops!

Friday, March 17

As of today

We are home. We decided to come home from California early, not sure at the time that it was the best decision, but it has turned out to be a great decision. Not really one reason I can narrow it down to as to why we left, but with all five of us getting sick, we just wanted to go home. I'm the only one that hasn't completely recovered, but I'm pretty sure it's just the tree pollen that's bothering me now.

Since coming home we've decided there is no way we're giving up this farm if we don't have to, so we've decided to keep it and just keep doing as we have been. We still plan on getting a bus conversion, we just don't have to go full time. We can actually have our cake and eat it too....my what grown ups we're becoming.
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