Saturday, March 18


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Jacob has been highlighting my hair for the last 3 yrs so when I asked him to do my hair a few weeks ago I just figured it'd be no problem. Well, that boy ain't dumb. He's demanding money now. $3. Whew. At least he's cheap. Then a few more days go by and it's time to do the job. I waited too long, he's wised up and now demands a new X box game. I figured I'd get away with a $20 game, no problem. I should have bought the game then. Yesterday he tells me that instead of that game he'd like a new Gameboy game and a link cable so him and Jonas can play and trade Pokemons. $40 later.........Oh well, it's still cheap for 3 yrs worth of coloring, and the way they cuddle up together and have friendly battles. Priceless.

Jewel wants a Gamegirl.

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