Saturday, May 20

Camp LIfe

Things are going good. Yesterday while garage saling we found bikes for the boys. Originally they wanted $20 a piece, but since it was near the end of the day, and I wanted both bikes, and I only had $9 left on me....we scored two new bikes for only $9! Talk about a bargain. Other than laundry, grocery shopping, and dishes, we're just trying to stay dry. We seem to be bring bad weather with us wherever we go. It's been almost non stop raining, and pretty cold.

When the days are nice we hang out at the lake and hike around the trails. Here's a little video clip to bore you with:
NOTE: Video removed but can still be viewed here.

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Anonymous said...

Vicki and gang~
Love the new video! Very cool! Looks very woodsy there. Hopefully the weather is looking up so you can go on more adventures! But not in the mud, of embarrasing. I've been stuck in sand b4. ugggg.

heather b

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