Monday, April 2

Meeker, CO

It always takes us a few weeks to relax and get in the groove of a new place, and since we plan on being here for a while, we're not in a big rush. We are however, settling in quite comfortably. Meeker is a cute little town nestled in the mountains along the White River. The countryside is sparkling with lakes and rivers where antelope, deer and elk graze. The history is rich with Indian ties and the site of The Meeker Massacre, killing Indian Agent Nathan C. Meeker and ten civilian employees. Now it's a haven for snow mobilers, huntlers and anglers. Joey and the boys are covering the angling part. We've driven back into some National Forest land, but haven't gotten any hiking in yet. I'm still waiting for a little bit warmer weather before I get fully motivated. There's enough to do at camp to keep us (me) fulfilled for now.

Like turning picnic tables into parking lots

So all my kids can play

Find new ways to enjoy the hammock


And enjoy the gorgeous sunsets

Did I also mention that we now have Satellite Internet! Yep, life is good!


Zamozo said...

Oh! I wanna hammock now too!

Vicki said...

so you think it'd be fun to ride it as well?? LOL

hestiahomeschool said...

great pictures!

I like the hammock, one, especially.

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