Thursday, June 29

Do I dare say it?

I said it before and then changed our minds, but this time there's no turning back...we are going back on the road full time again. We're not going to try to convert a bus, but find a nice 40 ft. Class A that is move in ready. We've already begun the great give away, and have a couple things on eBay. We took an extra bed and entertainment center to a single Nana and her two grandkids yesterday. The only bad part of that was I was thinking since we're giving the stuff away at least we wouldn't have to haul it, but it felt good to be able to help her. She was moving into her own place that night and had nothing to sleep on. I also made flyers and posted them all over town. We may even have a buyer for the Jeep, we'll know that tonight. There's just a days worth of work left at the house and then we can get it on the market. It's nice that we're just renting the farm, so it'll be easy to get out of it, but we will definitely be enjoying our last days here. We plan on being out of here in a month....we're not messing around.

I'm going to try to document every step of the way.

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Kimberly said...

Congratulations on the decision to go for it! Sounds like you are on your way.

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