Saturday, July 1

Smooth as molasses

Getting rid of everything may be easier than we thought. Without saying names there are a few people that are extremely interested in renting this farm, and not only would they want the farm, but they'd want our indoor and outdoor furniture, too! What's left anyway. I have a friend that's taking our bedroom furniture, and Jewel's bunk bed. We still have the living room furniture, dining room table, Jewels old bed/crib, the trampoline, riding mower, wood playset, and wood lawn furniture and of course all the wall hangings and decor. Sure we'd love to sell everything and pocket a few bucks but if we can leave it and not have to deal with it, that's worth so much more. Plus, we'll come back and visit often! Yesterday we went through one box, yes only one box, and it took about three hours. It was full of old letters to Joey from when he was in Desert Storm. We met afterwards so I didn't have to deal with him being in war but it was neat, after the fact, to read all those letters. There were a ton from kids, here's a couple of my favorites:

Dear Joe
I hope you kill sadan huuein. I hope you dont die. I hope you kill his team.
Kenny Hill

Dear Joe,
I'm really sorry about you going to the war. Next time please choose peace. my little sister Rebekah doesn't really know about it. But I know so much you could ever believe.
Sincerely Jaime Carey

Gotta love kids!

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