Friday, July 14

Idaho or Bust

We're leaving tonight to go get our bus. That's pretty much all we can think about so I hope they hurry back from Idaho with it. Then we can finally have a conversation that doesn't include, "I'm so freakin' excited!" Then it'll be me shouting "take out this, build that" Oh what fun awaits us. There's no way we'll be out of here the end of the month now, and we're lucky enough to be able to have an extra month to get it set up just how we like. I'm determined to have it completely organized right from the start. Last time, we threw our stuff in our motorhome and hit the road the day after we bought it. We just wanted to get going! We could get going as it is now, but since Joey's working here until we leave at the end of August, and rent here is cheaper than a campground anyway, we have the luxury of taking our time, and making it more comfortable for the long run.

I'm so freakin' excited!

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