Saturday, July 8

Blue Bird

We found it....we found our new home! We've bounced back and forth so many times as to what we would get this time, but we knew this was the one as soon as we saw it. I originally wanted another Class C because of the overhead bunk, Joey wanted a Class A so he could sit behind that big window, and we both wanted something with character. I think this fits us perfectly. It's move in ready, although a little plain, but I already have grand visions of redecorating. In true FuhKaui fashion we have bought this bus sight unseen, we found it on the Internet. The plan is for Joey and Jacob to fly to Idaho next weekend and drive her home......we're so excited we can't even stand to be around ourselves!

1 comment:

Zamozo said...

Wow! She's ginormous looking! COngratulations on your new home! Do you have to have a special license to drive one of those?? I can't wait to see photos of the interior!

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