Thursday, July 27

We have direction

We're going to Nebraska, it's not very far, in fact only 104 miles but at least it's another state. Joey was worried about accepting a job knowing that he'd have to "drag up" when it was time for the Live and Learn Conference but luckily he's found a company that sees his talent and will take him when they can get him. He doesn't have as much confidence in himself as I do, so he wasn't even looking for a job. Being so close by actually works out great for selling the house. We'll be close enough to pop over to the house if I need to, hopefully it won't be until the end of escrow, though.

It's been so hot this week that we've been in slow motion, which has actually been a blessing. We're taking our time loading the bus, and really sorting thru things. I thought we'd get away without having any storage but it's just not going to be possible. I've held on to some things for 30 yrs, I can't just throw them away now! It's amazing though at how much we're able to pack into the bus but sadly the trampoline is not one of them. We're sure going to miss it.

The old motorhome and our boat are on eBay, ending on Saturday. Then all we have to do is wait for them to be picked up and we're ready to go. Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on having some direction and more income soon! I think you and Joey are as good as gold! Have fun in Nebraska!! I'm glad you have a blog so we can see how you're doing...

Cliff is still on the road. I haven't talked to him since Weds night. I can't wait till he gets a cell or trac phone! But he is loving the road still or he'd have called me...haven't heard many complaints and he is happy. Other than he wishes we were there.

~Heather :~)

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