Wednesday, July 12

Trash and a wise six year old

When you come to my house I promise you won't leave empty handed...even if you wanted to. Wendy left with two large trash bags of womens clothes and about a dozen pairs of shoes. Hilary got loaded with Disney videos and childrens books. Heather didn't escape without boys clothes, mens clothes and books. Poor Mel, she could barely get in her car with all the knick knacks, kitchen gadgets and home decor I forced her to take. Why then, with the amount of stuff that's been removed is my house messier than ever before? Oh, I'm still supposed to clean? Nah, that can wait until I move out.

Wise words from a six year old:

"At Chuck E. Cheese you do Fun things, to get Fun things."

Why can't everything be that way?

Jonas also gave us a Math lesson in the car the other day. He explained to us how to make 9+8=17. He told us how you can figure it by adding it in tens and then subtracting the 1 and the 2. I love to hear his thought process, and he's not afraid to show us. He doesn't know what it feels like to stand in front of a classroom and be forced to come up with a good answer, so he doesn't know what it feels like to be judged. How I wish I didn't have that fear.


We have three kids that have been through the supposed dreaded "why?" phase. Why is the sky blue? Why is your butt big? We never had that! Ours tell us why things are. I'm wondering if this is normal in unschoolers.

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