Saturday, July 1

dropping sidebar

Can anyone help me get my sidebar back up where it's suppossed to be? I spent hours deleting videos, reducing photo size and nothing worked. Help, I'm HTML incompetent!


Anonymous said...

Sent a note about the problem to HSWM (Homeschooled Web Masters) yahoo group. And one suggestion is
>>>Tell her to try taking out the Unbridled Learning voices of unschoolers and
homeschoolers image. It works fine in FireFox, but not in Internet Explorer.<<<<


Anonymous said...

Here is another thought.
> This is a CSS issue.
> There is a wrapper di, a main div and a sidebar div.
> Something in the main div seems to be larger than it's allotted 400px
> wide, so the sidebar div instead of floating right and up is pushed down.
> I would think it's going to be the image in the post on June 6th. Try
> removing the CSS that you have in that post and see if it works
> Alternately it could be that the MyFriend map is throwing some CSS
> that is interfering with your blogs CSS.

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