Saturday, July 22

I'm such a liar

You really can't believe anything I write. I think I'm telling the truth at the time, but then just because I said it, the opposite has to happen. We're not stying an extra month to fancy up the bus after all, we've already started moving in! We've added a few personal touches, and haven't spent a dime.

The drive home for Joey and Jacob was HOT! The bus has no A/C and without a generator the house A/C's won't work so they sweated their butts off, before breaking down. Luckily they broke down right near an RV park so they were able to plug in and cool off while I tracked down a mechanic for them online. Turns out a pulley broke off and it would take who knows how long to get a new pulley, so the mechanic was able to fabricate one using the belt that was somehow still attached, and 24 hrs later they were able to hit the road again. Jonas really missed his big brother so he called him often and told him all about his new neopets. With Jake gone, Jewel and Jonas got along fabulously!! Not one argument or whiney child all weekend, it was amazing....and nice.

It was still hot all week so even thinking about working on the bus, or the houses, was out of the question. We finally got moving the last couple days and that's when we decided to just move into the bus right away and then we can go park in front of the house in town, finish up everything to put a For Sale sign in the yard, and then head on out. We're not sure where we're going yet, but I've heard mention of Montana, OK City area, or TX panhandle. Montana has my vote, but we want to be in NM first of September so it makes more sense to head South, so we'll see.


Heather Brown said...

Don't feel bad! I lie on accident all the time too!! I thought Cliff was going to be working in TX! He's been to GA. and AL. so far! LOL.

And he told me he may be able to skip he Navy in Sept. so we can go to NM. Who knows what will pan out. If a decent job offer comes along he will take it, I'm sure!

Have fun working on the bus! I like the personal touches. Can't wait to see it in person!

~Heather ;~)

Zamozo said...

Oh, oh, I hope Heather comes to NM too! Then we can have a little Iowa contingent again! Wait, does Vicki still count as coming from Iowa? I... don't... know? Oh, okay, we'll claim you Vicki! :-D

Heather Brown said...

MT would have my vote too!! Cliff was stationed there for the USAF for about 3 years or so. I was there 2 of those years. Neat country!! But it is a bit far from NM. :~(

I have given up trying to predict what Sept or even August will bring! But I'd sure love to hang out and have fun with any unschoolers (and my DH and kids) for a bit in either of those months or both months! Life is sure unpredictable and exciting for us!

~Heather 8D

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