Monday, September 25

Plainview, TX

I wasn't planning on posting but since I have such great friends that actually wanna know........Joey came home from Hawaii on Thursday night, and we're now doing laundry in Plainview, TX. We thought we'd stay here and work but in true FuhKaui fashion we'e already leaving. We should be in Jackson, NE by Thursday night and hopefully by Friday afternoon I'll get caught up with all the stuff that we did last week. I promise! We did some fun things, saw some awesome sights and visited with an amazing family.....Stay tuned.


Heather Brown said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. I am surprised you're headed back up to the midwest. I'm glad all is well and you had some fun down south!! Have a nice trip back up here.

Cliff will be on the road again soon. Maybe CA. We'll know more in a few days or so.

Lots of love,
Heather and family :~)

Zamozo said...

... and after Nebraska?? Iowa - Des Moines that is, for park day on Wednesday -- right??

harvestmoon said...

Boy, that was fast! We're meandering through Kansas then to Missouri (for the Little House and Hannibal and Santa Fe trail museums) and finally Indiana. Maybe we can meet somewhere? I emailed you.

The Free Range Family said...

Did you wave at Kansas when you drove through?

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