Thursday, December 7

Dear Mrs. Claus (because we know who really does the shopping)

Jake's Xmas List
Star Wars Lego II for XBox
Cowboy boots
Pokemon Gold for GBA
Jonas' Xmas List
Thrillville for XBox
Pokemon Rescue Team Red for GBA
Cowboy boots
Pokemon Pikachu Version for GBA
Jewel's Xmas List
Nintencats for GBA
Cowboy boots
earrings, jewelry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait to see you guys !! Ceinna and Grandma already

have a round loom kit and have made lots of stuff !! Grandma

got the idea from the conference in New Mexico.

As for what the kids are into these days, basically electronic

stuff which translates to expensive stuff!! Lillian likes Polly

Pockets and Strawberry Shortcake, Ceinna likes wacky socks or

more yarn, Joseph likes Axe cologne and the Guiness World Record

book. But they all especially love to get cousins over to the house !!!

See ya soon


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