Sunday, September 28

Colorado Country Roads

Yesterday afternoon at exactly 2:11 PM we decided since Joey didn't have to be back to work until Monday morning that we'd take advantage of the extra days off and go somewhere. First idea I came up with was Yellowstone National Park. Everybody was all excited for it, the kids were even in the car waiting on us for a change! We quickly packed up a couple days worth of clothes, a cooler, the laptop and camera bag, and we were on the I-70 heading East by 3:10 PM. At 3:12 PM Joey asks, "Exactly how far is Yellowstone?" Crap. I totally forgot that is was FIVE HUNDRED miles away, not FIVE HOURS. Ten minutes later we were West bound headed for Strawberry Park and their natural hot springs. Ten more minutes later I felt like we needed something comparable, big and grand, to Yellowstone, so that's when we decide on Rocky Mountain National Park.

We go through Glenwood Canyon Corridor first.
colorado road trip

Instead of taking the I-70 up and going through Winterpark we decided to use the smaller county roads, 131 and 134.
colorado scenic drive
What a nice treat they turned out to be. We basically followed the Colorado River all the way up.
colorado rockies

Colorado Scenic Byway
We were expecting a Colorado Scenic Byway to be paved, but with the awesome colors we were seeing, we didn't mind the twenty miles of gravel at only thirty miles an hour, at all.
colorado valley
Nope. Not a complaint one.

A storm was brewing in the distance.
Storm a brewin'

swimming up
Once the sun went down we tried to get a room at Sulphur Hot Springs Resort with its twenty three pools, but they didn't have room for us. We definitely want to go back there again someday, though, it looked like a pretty neat place for the whole family. Kinda reminded me of the resort in Dirty Dancing, the time of the tango and the foxtrot. It was dark though, so who knows, I could be completely off.

We ended up staying in Granby, in a guest room of the restaurant we had just eaten in. After a fabulous authentic German meal I asked the waitress about the hotel across the street and she mentioned they had two guest rooms, would I like to see them? I thought it was odd, so...OF COURSE! They were outdated, but very clean, and we could just roll our overstuffed selves from our booth, right into our beds. Oh yeah.


Melissa said...

How beautiful! My mother is going to Colorado next week and I told her about your site and to check out the Rifle Falls State Park, but they are flying into Denver and then heading south. So glad your back! I was starting to wonder if the "knock on the door while you were in your pjs" made you jump the blogging ship. I'm so glad it didn't because I love to see all the wonderful places through your pictures!! So, until the day I can make my cross country road trip, I'll enjoy yours. Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see you blogging again! We are still in SLC & we'll let ya know when we know what we are doing! We hope to meet up again soon!



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