Saturday, September 19

The Lake House

The lake House

After we came up from the beach this is where we called home for over a month.

Lake Front View

We had one of the best lake view spots in the park, of all the campgrounds, and it was just a short hike down to the beach, which we’d do when we didn’t have to have the boogie boards or the inflatable boat or a cooler. We had camp fires quite a bit, and Jewel became a pro at roasting marshmallows a perfect ooey gooey crispy tan color.

Lake McConaughy Campground

This is Lone Eagle Campground where we stay every time. A couple of the weekends we were here it filled up with campers but ninety percent of the time it looked just like this….including the occasional storm in the horizon.

Lake McConaughy campsite

The State Park has a 14 day camp limit, but we stayed here and the spot right to the left of it, the entire month.  They have the limit to keep out squatters, and said we’d be fine……. but it was nice to get past the first 14 days without being asked to move. I wasn’t so sure they didn’t think we started squatting!

Joey’s been playing the backpackers guitar more and more since he’s had all this downtime from the accident and with the help of You Tube instructional videos he’s been able to learn some new songs plus put together the music he’s heard in his head over the last decade. I enjoy just hanging Lake McConaughy Playerout with him, listening to him play, and Jonas and Jewel have started clapping after every performance. They do it thinking they’re sucking up to him, and has become quite the joke. Now he waits for his applause……and, you know, secretly hopes it never stops.













Grampa Ed - roughing itA highlight of our month was a visit from Grampa Ed! When he said he wanted to come out he asked us to find a hotel for him, but we couldn’t let him do that. He had to stay with us…so we broke out the formal guest suite. The Guest SuiteOur guests stay in style. Included is a double decker air mattress, screened porch, and flannel sheets. We loved having Joey’s dad with us, and for the first time in our sixteen years together spent some real good quality time together. Friends at the LakeEven some of Joey’s work buddies came out a couple times to hang with us, and brought home grown midwest sweet corn, squash, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes with them! They’re invited back. They brought their dog too which the kids always love.

Thanks to our friends, family and even the campground hosts, we’re coming away with some great memories! Also, because of the time we’ve been able to spend here, we’re coming away with a new drive to do what we’ve got to do to live like this forever.


The Mom said...

The next time your travels bring you anywhere near Omaha, please email me. We have a HUGE garden of home grown veggies & well as lots of stuff to do and play with..and Walnut Creek lake/campground/recreation area within walking distance of our home. Your blog is amazing and I've been a follower for over a year now.

The Kirkndopps said...

We're coverting a bus and about to travel to Mexico with our three boys. I've thought of your bus photos many times - including making a computer desk (to cover up the water tank, of course). We're trying to figure out how to hang in the bus with rain/snow here in Portland & 3 boys. Ideas? Thanks for the photos to help with our conversion.

Cindy said...

Sounds like you are continuing to make great memories. Can't wait to see where you go next, thanks for sharing your story and pictures

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