Tuesday, October 6

Hobo Pool for Hobos Like Us

Since the power inverter worked so well for the XBOX Joey decided to use it to brew him some coffee the next morning. Do.Not.Recommend.That. It blew the inverter. We planned on boondocking the rest of the week but Joey didn’t feel that was fair to the kids so we ended up getting an RV spot in Rawlins. Since we were going to be parked for a week I looked online to see what day trips we could do by car, and yet again I was impressed with Wyoming! Now, our travels have taken us by many many hot springs, all over the country, but we had NEVER stopped at one. (Mostly because they just looked like giant swimming pools with tons of tourists). So when I came upon these free Hot Springs, called the Hobo Pool, no less, we just had to check them out.Hobo Pool

Hobo Pool and Bath house

We had the pleasure of meeting a local resident that claims to have come to the Hobo Pool almost every single day for the last thirty years, so we got the full dish on the springs…..including the actual temperature……which was, according to Jonas “Volcano Hot!” The big pool was about 109 degrees!

Hobo Pool

It was almost too hot to even stick your big toe in! If it weren’t for him we would have never known about the hot springs in the North Platte River which was right behind the pool.

North Platte River hot springs

He said the way to do it is to go in the rocked off area in the river which was about 89 degrees, then jump in the cold river, then get in the Hobo Pool. We’re game for anything…..well, except for the cold river part.

Hot Hot Hobo Pool

Joey, Jonas and I were eventually able to get fully in the Hobo Pool, and when we got out we looked like we had gotten sunburns. Strangely though, afterwards it felt like we had gotten a massage. It was just soo relaxing, and the effects of it lasted all day.

The Inferno at Hobo Pool (44)

The kids climbed around the rocks, soaked their feet, played in the river, but not once did anyone attempt the 122 DEGREE area. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it either. I liken it to being boiled alive. No thanks.

Afterwards we went for lunch at Stumpy’s Eatery, which we all agree had the best pizza we’ve ever eaten.

A good day was had by all!


Phillip said...

Years ago I had surgery on my wrist and the therapy whirlpool was 117 degrees. 20 minutes of this yielded one limp noodle of a wrist for nurse Ratchet to practice her torture on. I cannot imagine 122 degrees!
Enjoying your resurgence of blogging.

Life is Learning and home is LOVE! said...

Very cool! I don't think I would have been able to go in the 122 degrees. Our hot tub is usually set to under 100 and that is sometimes too hot.

We are getting bad weather here. Looks great where you are. I can only dream for now. Have fun guys!!

debs said...

Yeah! So glad you stopped by the hot springs. We are addicted to them and I try to get my driver to stop whenever we see one. I agree about the relaxing effects of hot springs. I have even come to love the mineral smell!

car servicing said...

Really a nice blog... The historic Saratoga Hobo Pool located at the east end of Walnut Street on the banks of the Platte River is a natural hot springs once believed to possess healing properties.

The hot springs was a favorite gathering place for a variety of indian tribes where they would lay down their weapons to partake of the waters

kitchen cabinet said...

it's like mind control ... cottages that welcome us fourfooters almost as much as our owners. I was excited about following in the pawsteps of one of my all-time TV heroes. No, not Lassie, or the Littlest …

Julia said...

Generally, the hot pool can be used by people as a way to get therapy. Could Hobo pool be used for it? It seems pleasurable when we go there with our family, doesn't it?

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