Thursday, January 11

Perfect daughter

We're still really enjoying the campground and with Joey working the night shift we get to hang out alot more than we would otherwise. If he were gone working all day the kids and I might just become hermits, instead we've been fishing, hiking, climbing trees, swinging in the park and throwing big monster disks......occassionally the kids join us. As an added bonus us old folks have even lost a few pounds.

Right now however, we are back in Fort Worth visiting my parents. We surprised them yesterday and they in turn surprised us with the purchase of a bus of their own. It's even green! They were hoping to surprise us in Abilene, too bad...we win. I also did what every good daughter would do...I brought my laundry and secretly used my Dad's razor. He used to get so mad at me as a teen when I would use his razor, I just couldn't resist. I hope I'm still here when he tries to use it.

We were supposed to leave this morning but Joey's sick so we're staying another night.


Zamozo said...

Oh my gosh! You crack me up! ARe your folks going to tour with you then? How awesome is that? You lucky ducks! BTW, it's a cold 10 degrees, and supposed to snow soon.

Heather said...

It's good you got out of here when you did! Winter has kicked in and roads are nasty. It took Cliff 2 hours longer to get back to Sioux City yesterday. I-35 was closed today.

Glad all is well there!! We are still plugging away and planning. Not sure what will happen yet.

tribalmama said...

You should post a picture of your rigs, side by side!!!

Vicki said...

My folks do hope to follow us around in their bus!

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