Friday, July 20

Nebraska, tastes a lot like Iowa

Nebraska is so lovely this time of year. I think what attracts me most to the midwest is the sheer vastness of green. Growing up mostly in deserts, I never seem to get enough of bright green rolling hills of grass, especially with little black cows dotted all over the countryside.
Nebraska landscapes
I have this picture set as my desktop. Doesn't it kind of remind you of the original Windows background?

Anyway, it's a good time to be in Nebraska, and we couldn't have picked a better place to be right now. Joey's work is with a company he enjoys working for, and it's less than two miles away. He's not using his welder on this job so someone else picks him up in the morning, brings him back for lunch, and then back to work and home again. This means I get the truck everyday, but of course, I don't even need it here. The campground isn't the most ideal:
Nebraska campground w/ pool
But having multiple playgrounds and a swimming pool as our front yard, leaves little room to complain. Our backyard is also the fairgrounds which hosts car races every friday night. Last week we watched them from our campspot:
Watching the Races
We talked about going inside to watch tonight, so we'll see.

We bought a family pass to the pool, so the boys are able to come and go as they please, but Jewel has to wait for me to take her. If she could swim without floaties she'd be able to go with the boys, until then I'm forced to go and lounge around poolside, leaving all chores behind, while absorbing the sun and getting a deep dark healthy tan. Meanwhile, the bus needs a good scrubbing. But hey, I'm tan!

Even the local Museum is in walking distance. It is, however, like most small town museums, pretty boring. Jake thought it was awesome, though, but I'm sure it's only beacuse they got free access to this old caboose:
Old caboose
He obviously wasn't thrilled to be sitting in an old school desk:
So happy to be at a desk

Lately Jewel's been wanting me to take pictures of her. Here she is on the porch of the old school house where she does her common "only one pose, and hold it for five minutes."
Jewel pink dress
I'll take what I can get. Even if it includes her jumping in front of my camera while I'm trying to get a shot of the park.
Further proof that the best things come unexpectedly.


Madeline said...

Pool or scrubbing? I think you follow the right path every day! I love reading about it.

Deanne said...

Jewel is appropriately named! Love the "surprise" picture. :)

tribalmama said...

OH! You're kids are so beautiful!

Jody said...

That camp sight looks like heaven to me. We are packed in like sardines here, and I am off today to look for something a little less crowded.

I love the animal pics!

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