Sunday, July 1

Nebraska, we're back

It's time to get serious about finding a job so we had to leave Flaming Gorge. If they'd have had electricity we would have set up our satellite and probably stuck around until they kicked us out, but they didn't, so we had to move on and leave their sunsets behind.
Flaming Gorge sunset

The town of Rock Springs, closest to the north, looks like a big dirt pit so we decide to check out Green River, WY, just to the west. It's not much better, but it'll do. As soon as we park I check for wi-fi and lo and behold, I've got a signal. Knowing that, we head to the river for some water play, and I'll attack the Internets later.
Green River, WY
Only to find when we get back, the signal is gone. We tried for almost two hours to set up our satellite but even though we got a good signal (72) it would not connect to the NOC. I called up HughesNet and they said they're sending out a service tech, no longer than 3-5 days, it's most likely something with my modem. Now we're in the most expensive RV park we've ever been in, Tex's Travel Camp, it's over 100 degrees outside, the river is too gross for me to play in, and I have no Internet! Get me the hell outta here. Since it's now the weekend there's really no point in job hunting anyway but by the conversations Joey's had with fellow welders and a Super from his old company we pretty much know he can work in NE or ND, and they both sound like good options for me, so we decide to head that way. Chris, your jinx worked, I'm heading back your way!

Saturday we drove all day until we stop for the night just over the border in Nebraska, where we find a Cabela's campground. I didn't know Cabela's had campgrounds! And what a nice one. The kids played at the playground while we enjoyed the cool night breeze, and a leisurly stroll thru the boats while the salespeople were away. We got up early to go check out the store in the morning and ended up waiting almost an hour while the saleslady tried her damndest to find Jonas the Rainbow Trout oversized pillow that he desperately needed. In the end she couldn't find one, so he happily made do with a cute small sunfish, and I some fudge (which I hid from everyone).
Cabela's Headquarters

We're off to go look for a large body of water to chill in until Joey actually goes to work.


Jenny said...

Hi! Love your site - I always get stuck on it whenever I'm taking a minute to websurf. I would LOVE to do one as nice.

fra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I love your blog!
You are a fantastic family!!!
Never stop blogging!

zamozo said...

My jinx? I wanted you to head to Iowa - NOT North Dakota! Will it be cooler in ND?

I'm headed to Sioux City for two days. Girl Scout camp - woo hoo!

Jamie and Kathy said...

I'm getting caught up again - will Nebraska never let you go? :) The kids look great, and so BIG!!!!

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