Thursday, June 28

Flaming Gorge N.R.A.

The next three days went pretty much like this: Wake up, eat, walk to the lake, play, play, play. Back to the bus for lunch, then back to the lake and play, play, play. When sun started setting we'd go back to camp where the kids would dress in their cami's, play marine sniper until dark, when the campfire was finally ready for s'mores.
Lake Flaming Gorge (56)
They'd eat their hearts content of s'mores while I grilled dinner, where it would finally be ready about 9:30. We'd crash immediately after eating, and restart the cycle all over again in the morning. It was a tough life, but some family had to do it.

Jewel overcame her fear of the water, while pretending to be Davy Crockett.
Lake Flaming Gorge (43)

I worked on my tan, while conserving energy for a hard day's work.
Lake Flaming Gorge (44)

Both boys learned how to row their boat, while Dad took a much needed break.
Lake Flaming Gorge (69)

They'd row to their own "Rocky Island" while Jake tried with all he had to catch a fish by hand, and Jewel learned the lovely art of relaxing.
Lake Flaming Gorge (27)
Forget math and english, we teach them how to enjoy life...there won't be a quiz later, however I may call for a do over.

Even the monster sized jackrabbits knew how to kick it here.
Lake Flaming Gorge (60)

When we had enough of our Sunny Cove, Joey rowed us around the bend, where we discovered cliffs!
Lake Flaming Gorge
Note the Strawberry Shortcake umbrella....I used it to dance around like Rihanna.

Joey tried to capture my cliff dive.
My cliff dive

I had better luck capturing Jonas. Look at him go!
Lake Flaming Gorge (85)

Jake stuck to his side of the cove.
Lake Flaming Gorge (114)
He's getting a little nervous we may just throw him over the cliff.

Originally we paid for two nights, but we had so much fun we had to stay another. Jake's biggest fear was that we'd have so much fun again on day three that we'd stay another night. No worries Jake, we'll get ya some electricity.

With no electricity, or generator to create some, we figure we have to get back to civilization. We don't want to go back over all those mountain passes we just came up, so we decide to keep heading north until we hit the next town of Rock Springs, WY so we can get to some Internet and figure out where we're going next.

*****added*****link to all the photos: Flaming Gorge


Anonymous said...

looks so relaxing. i need to go there, now how do i get there? i need a beach a weekend andsome sunscreen. i have the mp3 player so tunes are good and now relax! i love allth epics of mt. rushmore and wildlife. yeah i am commenting on several blogs on one. sue me. lol. glad to see you in some pics. keep the good times rollin.

Anonymous said...

oh thats my comment, your blonde cousin. lol.


Deanne said...

Just when I've settled on living life on the road vicariously through you and others, you go and make it look even MORE inviting. What a beautiful world we live in! Thanks for sharing your view of it. :)

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