Tuesday, June 12

Slacker Mom

We were going to head to Washington State, so why are we now in Texas? Well, when Joey told people that we were leaving they came up with a dozen reasons why we shouldn't. My one new friend, Shirley, even gave me big puppy dog eyes and a pouty face, actually making me feel guilty for leaving! This is why we don't like to make new friends. Dammit.

Everyone else in camp is still working building the new gas plant, and with a lot of them being rig welders like Joey, he was able to gain invaluable information from them regarding welders. Then there were a couple rig welding trucks that came thru camp looking for a spot so Joey decided to go meet them, and in doing so he mentioned to them about a welder he was watching on eBay. They came inside to check it out and then told him all about it, and what a great welder it is. The next thing I know, we're in the truck and heading to Texas. Now the bid doesn't end until Tuesday evening but Joey's determined to win it, no matter what, so we may as well surprise the family and go hang out with them until it ends.

This is where the slacker mom part comes in. I don't even pack, I load up the last nine days of laundry and figure we should have more than enough clothes for a few days. What I didn't realize was that over the last nine days about eight of them had been cold, as cold as forty four degrees. It was NINETY TWO when we got to Texas! Good thing I did throw in swimsuits last minute, since we've been living in them the last three days.

We are having such a great visit, though. We got here around two in the afternoon, after driving straight thru. We planned on stopping but it just didn't feel right leaving at 7PM, and getting a hotel half way, around, ummmm, 4am. What is wrong with us? Who leaves for a thousand mile road trip at 7pm when we have at least four days to get there? Hi, nice to meet you, we're the FuhKaui Family.

We were obviously exhausted when we got here, so we opted not to go to the Texas Rangers baseball game with everyone, except Jacob, he went. It was kinda strange not having him with us, but he had a blast. Then on Sunday my brothers family came over and spent the day, while we grilled, swam in the cold jacuzzi, played Bochi Ball, Tether Ball, and poked fun at each other.

Today I forced eveyone to go to a waterpark,
NRH2O water park
and they all thanked me later. It was another fantastic, yet exhausting day.
NRH2O water park
I don't know how much more fun I can take.
NRH2O water park
That's me in the bottom right, looking dazed and confused.

Did I also mention that all that swimsuit wearing has now turned each of us into lobsters? I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight.


The Free Range Family said...

Texas! Dammit. So close and yet so far. You have no idea how bad I want to drive up to see you.

Madeline said...

Tag. you're it! 8 things about you. come see the directions here - www.barn-raising.blogspot.com

Schuyler said...

Drat, I was going to tag you...

Maybe next time.

zamozo said...

Me too! You're so popular!

Jody said...

Texas! The coast is calling you!! Come on down!

Snavleys said...

Oh, pick me, pick me!! I want to just jump right through that picture!!

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