Wednesday, June 6

Light at the end of the rainbow

I finally hear back from the insurance company as to what they're going to do with my car. They're totalling it out. It's a complete loss, they say. Not only are they not going to fix it, but they're only going to give me half of what I paid for it, only seven months ago. Things are not looking so perky anymore. While driving back to our side of the mountains we see a storm brewing:
West Slope of Rocky Mountains
Pretty much like what's happening to me on the inside.

But then out pops one of the largest rainbows we'd ever seen
I-70 Rainbow

I never noticed before how dark the sky is above the rainbow, and how light it is under. There really is a light at the end of the rainbow. How cool!
Rainbow over the Colorado River

Our light came the next morning when we asked ourselves what do we really want to do? I mentioned that with as much as Joey's homesick for Hawaii, and our love for water, that it makes perfect sense for us to head to the coast. So while I went to the post office and grocery store, Joey lined him up a job near the coast! Joey's building a tow bar for his truck and we're taking the next few weeks to get there. I'm not saying exactly where we're going, because our plans tend to change with the weather, let's just say, we won't be needing air conditioning.

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