Wednesday, June 20

Traffic Jam in Custer State Park

Traffic Jam in Custer State Park
That's how they roll in the SD.

Directly below Custer is Wind Cave National Park where we finally got to see prairie dogs.
Wind Cave NP

We didn't go to the cave, just stopped periodically to view wildlife, trying to make it to Joey's brother's family in Cheyenne. We stopped in Hot Springs, SD for a fabulous Mexican lunch. If you find yourself in Hot Springs, we highly recommend Mi Cocina, directly across the street from an unexpected waterfall and cute little creek.Hot Springs SD

It was dark, but we made it to Johnny's. We hadn't seen each other in almost four years so it was a much needed visit. John had just taken his family on the road a little over a month ago so we're so excited at the prospect of being able to do a lot of traveling together in the future. It's really good to reconnect, love you guys!
John and boys


Jennifer said...

Love the buffalo traffic jam! Mt. Rushmore is one place that I really, really want to go to someday. Great pictures!

Heather said...

Wow did I have a lot to catch up on!! What an exciting month you have had!! But I missed where you are heading to and why?? Last I knew it was WA. Or was it COo?

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