Monday, June 25

When we were heading to Wyoming to see Johnny we said we WERE NOT spending the night. We were going to visit for a few hours and head home, hopefully getting there around 3am. Instead we spent the night in their 35 ft. motorhome that already housed four people. Their boys hugged eachother's feet on the dinette bed, while Jake slept curled up in the driver's seat, Jonas on the floor, Jewel on another seat, and Joey and I took the fold out couch. And we slept good! We ended up hanging around all morning, watching Jewel play on the playground with other girls, until John got home from work. Shortly after we headed out and on our way back to the bus. Our five day quick trip to Texas and back turned into a fourteen day cross country trip that we weren't fully prepared for, so we couldn't wait to get back and sleep in our beds.

Now that we have the new welder, Joey needs to go back to work. We decide to stay where we are......until we wake up again. Then we want to go ahead and go with the WA/OR job. We prepped the bus to get back on the road, which meant I had to finish painting....and I did! (I'll share those photos later.) We had a last bonfire and cook out with Jimmy and Shirley and said good bye to Colorado a few days later. The plan is to stop a night or two in SLC, UT on the Great Salt Lake, then another State park in Idaho, and arrive WA the 27th or 28th.


Megan said...

Hope you have fun over here in Oregon.

There are a lot of gorgeous places to visit.

zamozo said...

Turn around, you're going the wrong direction!

Jo said...

Your family always looks like you are having so much fun. I guess that's why I have given you a blog award. :)

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