Sunday, June 17

Escaping the Texas Heat

Despite the heat and sunburns, we had a really great time in Texas. Our quick business trip turned into a really nice visit with family, and even an unexpected visit with old friends. Joey's old high school girlfriend, to be exact. I was a little nervous to meet her, but she was as great as Joey always said she was. I felt instantly comfortable, and turns out we have a lot in common. Not only do they also homeschool their three kids, but they've often dreamed of selling everything and hitting the road in an RV. We're looking forward to many family vacations together.
Family Friends

The sun finally went in hiding and allowed us a couple cool days before heading back home. My brother's family came over often and we bribed him almost as often to just leave the kids with us.
It's finally raining!

Jonas wore himself out chasing butterflies.
Hunting Butterflies

We won the bid for the welder, and Joey couldn't have been happier. He barely slept all night in anticipation of picking up his new machine, and it turned out the ol' guy that had completely rebuilt the '59 Lincoln, was just as excited. He worked meticulously on the welder, and it showed, but he had no idea what to expect, so he was thrilled to get what he did for it......he deserved every penny.

So we decide to leave the old welder in Texas, putting it up on eBay, when our friends back in Colorado call and say they want to buy it. We really don't want to tow it back, but he's offering full price, and he's a friend, so Joey mounts it on a small trailer and we haul it back. Oh yeah, we also decide we're not going straight back, we're going to pay a quick visit to Iowa and then go back to Colorado.

We couldn't leave without some excitement first. I talk Mom into making those big onion blossoms that we've been talking about for years now. Only let's not make sure we don't overflow the deep fryer as Mom drops the onion in. Holy crap, I managed to turn the electric burner off but we couldn't put out the fire so I ran out to Joey screaming for the fire extinguisher. He grabbed it off his welder, since their kitchen extinguisher was nowhere to be found, and ran in and saved the day. Actually my Dad had Joey give it to him and then had to ask how to use it, just details, but he did save the kitchen. :)

After the fire


zamozo said...

What? You're in Iowa??

If you came to Des Moines I bet I could get a few families together for a park day or... Ames for a Reiman's/Hickory Park gathering!

Vicki said...

not anymore. it was a VERY quick trip...less than 24 hrs in Iowa. A park day would have been awesome, though!

zamozo said...

Bummer! I noticed the date on your post after I commented. I guess I snooze I lose!

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