Sunday, June 3

Doing nothing, doing everything

That's about what the last week feels like. We've been mixing a little exploring with what feels like a lot of nothing. I may not have finished painting the kitchen, or the living room. We may not have built that bunk for Jewel. I probably didn't get my website online yet, but I have determined that I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. We may not have a big house, or fancy cars, stock options or even a big savings, but what we do have is TIME. I sometimes feel like we should always be doing something, but I haven't completely forgotten that what I used to want more than anything else was TIME. Time to ourselves, away from work, away from obligations, away from doing things. So sometimes I have to remind myself that even time spent doing nothing is exactly what I need.



Madeline said...

"Nothing" is what it is all about. there is a great spritual book called _The Perfection of Nothing_ It is kind of heavy... I think you have the answer. Your life is fantastic. What a gift you are giving your children.

Snavleys said...

Beautifully said!

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