Wednesday, June 20

Badlands National Park

One thing about tent camping...we're up at the crack of dawn! It was fun to see how the other side lives. The city campground in Sanborn, Iowa has a really nice bathroom, but it was the first time I had to pay for a shower. Two quarters got me eight minutes, all of which I didn't need, but since the water ran regardless if I used it or not, I soaked up all eight minutes greedily. (It's nice to have a powerful hot shower once in a while.)

I think we were actually on the road by eight a.m.! Wow, what kinds of mishaps, I mean adventures, can we get into today? The kids were not as bright eyed, they continued sleeping while we drove. They woke up somewhere in South Dakota, enough time to play even more Nintendo DS. We stopped at a rest area along I-80 and the Missouri River that happened to have a nice Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center, or some such name. We ran around outside some, taking in scenic views of the river, before heading inside.
Bridge over Missouri River

While Jonas and Jewel were in the rest room with me, brushing their teeth, a lady came in and said "no baths in the sink" and then walked into a stall. What the heck? Was she serious? I said, kinda snarky, that they weren't taking a bath, just brushing their teeth. When she came out she said that's what they tell the kids in school, because they come out with water dripping down to their shoulders. School humor, so over my head.....

On our way to Mount Rushmore, we realize The Badlands National Park isn't far out of our way so we decide to do the scenic drive all the way thru the park before camping at the other end. The Badlands is not a name that brings to mind beautiful scenery, but since it's a national Park, it has to be good, according to my book. Even as we pay and pass thru the gates, I'm not seeing much, but then it's non stop surprises, mile after mile.

Our first stop was the White River Valley Overlook, and is definitely named appropriately.
Badlands National Park, SD
Badlands National Park, SD
Badlands National Park, SD
Badlands National Park, SD

Badlands National Park, SD

Honestly, I'm trying to cut down on the pictures. It's so hard! If you're a photo junkie like me, you can see a slideshow of the whole day here, for the rest of you, I'll try really hard to keep it condensed.

These Yellow Mounds were among my favorites.
Badlands National Park, SD
As was this grassy valley among rocky mounds:
Badlands National Park, SD

Jewel overlooking the Pinnacles Overlook:
Badlands National Park, SD
There was a lady freaking out that Jewel was so close to the edge....clearly a city gal.

We missed our turn to Prairie Dog Town and the campground so when Joey realized this he quickly backed up to turn around. Only, remember that welder he didn't want to trailer back? Ya, he forgot about it. The trailer didn't hold up well to a jackknifing.
Remnants of a trailer

Someday I'll tell the tale of how we lifted a five hundred pound welder, but first I must get thru the day. Joey was so sick over the accident we decided against going back into the park and focused on a hotel room instead, preferably one with a water slide. All along this stretch of I-80 are billboards for indoor waterpark hotels, so when we get to the turn off for Mount Rushmore and two hotels with waterparks we get online and check their prices... Back on the road, we look for a hotel with just an indoor pool, and the signs are blinking $49.95. Only turned out it was PER PERSON! So we head towards a campground, with a heated pool, but we so do not want to camp. They have a cabin available, and it's right across from the pool. After a long day in the sun, that was just what we needed.
Goggle Jewel

The Badlands were fun, but tomorrow we meet four President's.


Madeline said...

wow. What adventures. Do tell the 500 lb. welder lifting story soon. I am gald that you at least found a pool after all that. Don't cut down on the pictures. They're great. I especially love the one of jewel taking in the view.

Anonymous said...

i would love to hear about the welder to and please say you have a pic of joeys face after because i know his pride and how swooshed it must have been. family we love each others miseries, lol. no really i am interested in how it happened.


The Masters said...

Hello Vicki!

My name is Kelli and my husband and our children have made the decision go mobile. I LOVE your blog and would love to visit with you about traving and unschooling. Email or phone either is great. My number is 319-215-4886 and email is



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