Monday, June 4

Trapper's Lake

A few days ago we took a drive into the White River National Forest, via a state observed Scenic Byway. It followed the White River, which we're camped on
Past Meeker
Meeker Valley
Past Sleepy Cat fishing lake
Sleep Cat Fish Lake (2)

We saw mountains, streams, trees and wildlife.


When we finally got towards the top we hiked a short distance on a dirt path, expecting to see the typical lakes we've already seen here in Colorado. But Trapper's Lake seemed to have appeared out of a movie.
Trapper's Lake

The Sound of Music, perhaps?
Trapper's Lake

After this I did something really amazing. So astonishing, yet so appreciated by everyone....I put down the camera. I wanted to be a part of this, not the outsider annoying everyone by shoving a camera in their face. It was different, it was good...I was more present.

Jewel rewarded me later.
White River Nat Forest 053

1 comment:

zamozo said...

Putting the camera down... hmmm?

Happier family vs. sadder blog readers.

You made the right choice!

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