Tuesday, June 19

Day at an Iowan Farm

After spending the night with friends in Iowa we all decided to go with them the next day to do chores at their friend's farm. Originally the guys weren't going to go but Angie convinced them we'd get them done in half the time if they helped, so they loaded up all the kids in the back of their truck, and us ladies took the air conditioned, non dust swirling, van, and we were off. Last time we'd been to Kathy's farm the kids got yelled at for chasing the geese and ducks, and for just plain running around. This time, Kathy is gone and the kids can go wild. Jewel starts up right where they left off...
Goose chasing

Turned out to be a really good thing the guys came, there were seven goats on the lamb! It was hilarious watching everyone chase the goats, but ended up turning our one hour chore into three hours. Still, it was quite an adventurous time! This goat tried to eat me:
Iowa goat

While "Guard Goose" attacked anyone that neared the feathered babies:
Guard Goose

Joey ended up standing guard so the kids could capture the baby ducks that had just been born hours earlier.
The Stand Off
They were catching them to protect them from the cats, and to eventually be adopted by our friends. Our friends that will soon be moving into our old farm house that my cousin is currently living in. That is one popular piece of property!

Jewel was in heaven with those baby ducks! She was holding one the entire time we were on the farm!
More Duck Lovin'

Joey grew up on a ranch and he swears this is how you walk the cows.
Doing farm chores
He did other questionable things with the milking machine, but I'll spare you that picture.

Jewel wanted to hold a big chicken so bad, that our friend's boy nearly collapsed from exhaustion, but he caught her a chicken.....but there was no way she was going to hold it....but isn't she perty?

Then Jonas had to test his chicken chasing skills, and proud to say he came out victorious!
Chicken Jonas

Jake didn't have as good of luck with the cow, but he had fun trying.
Wrangling calves

Jewel doesn't care about anything, she's in duck love.
Duck Lovin'

Goat Girl taking a break from milking:
Goat Girl

And when we finally let her out of her cage we went back to their place where more friends came over to see us.
bouncing with old friends

It was a good day, and while we had planned to stay another night we ended up heading out just before dark. We had another friend to meet in NW Iowa so we met him at his campground, and slept in a tent! I was actually looking forward to tent camping for a change, but after the insanity setting up the tent caused, and the horrendous musty smell of a Vietnam era tent, it may take a while to get me back in one. We're not even half way home yet.....tomorrow, South Dakota!

To see the rest of the pictures click here.

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