Thursday, December 13

Kinda like a Snowbird

Joey said something to me that made my heart sink: I'm getting tired of the bus.

We got back to the bus (after our Arizona trip) late at night, a cold night, to discover a broken water pipe and an empty propane tank. That meant no water, or fuel to cook or heat with, but we did have electric heaters so we didn't freeze. The broken pipe was in the shower so we had to cut into the bedroom wall behind it dreading what we might find, but luckily it was an easy fix. These are typical things that happen when you live in an old bus, but since I'm not the one to fix any of these issues they tend to be no big deal to me. To Joey, though, they're coming one after the other. His main focus is keeping us and the bus from freezing, and he can't bear the thought that something might happen while he's working and I'd be left to deal with it. So we decided to leave the bus for a month, or three, and come down to Texas, and my folks.

We left Friday morning, the morning the storms hit and ended up being in it the entire way down. We weren't out of freezing rain until Wichita Falls, TX! (And today is the first day we've seen the sun.) Going over the Rockies was quite an adventure. I followed Joey, and for once was thankful he's such a slow driver. We were in our four wheel drives going slower than some idiots in their Crossfires and convertibles, and eventually we'd see them in the ditches, either being towed out or waiting for a tow. Near the Summit a semi with trailer, directly in front of Joey, was sliding all across the highway, and we didn't know whether to stay behind him or pass him. We eventually passed him but I feared for our lives that he'd end up behind me on a downhill slope.

We only made it as far as Pueblo before calling it a night, and enjoying the indoor heated pool and jacuzzi. We also found out that we made it through just before they closed the Interstates.

The next days travel was grey, grey, grey, but luckily no ice on the roads, just the trees and windshields. I had to pull over often to clear the ice off my guaranteed no ice buildup for life wipers. Amazingly though, this was the most stress free road trip I think we've ever been on. Not one time did the kids fight, tease or look at each other wrong. It was so peaceful, and Joey got to listen to his punk rock channel full blast, for two days straight. Well almost two full days, Jewel rode with him the last eight hours or so not taking her eyes off the navigation system, and making him turn down the stereo. Aren't we supposed to be the ones saying "turn down that music!"? She does like her some Deadbolt and Bastard Fairies, though. Those we can crank. Speaking of Bastard Fairies, check out their site and download their album for FREE. And if you like them, be sure to tell a friend. They're giving it away free in hopes that you'll tell a friend, and they'll tell a friend. Plus, it's a really great album! Thanks to Schuyler for tuning me into them.

Back to my boring travel story: We came to Texas to escape the cold and now find ourselves in weather just as cold and grey. When I check the average temps for where we are in CO vs. here in TX, they're not much different. We've also figured out that Joey just needed a break from the bus, he's not totally over it yet, and since we left the wood skirting from last year down here, we can take it back up with us and Joey won't worry about anything freezing looks like we'll be going back after Christmas. Music to my ears.


Jody said...

We are heading to Ft. Worth after x-mas to see my mom. How far are you guys from there?

Jennifer said...

So do your folks live near Wichita Falls? I'm from Graham which an hour outside Wichita Falls.

Vicki said...

Jennifer, They live near Fort Worth.

karrie said...

Glad it was an easy fix. I'm thinking of braving 40 West through Oklahoma and Texas tomorrow, but am having a hard time getting a real feel for what the road conditions are. Looks like the temps should get back up a bit this coming week, at least. :-)

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