Thursday, May 15

Yesterday morning we decided it was time to leave Utah. We dropped the Bus off at the tire dealer for a new set of wheels, during which time I did laundry, and Joey packed up all the crap around our site. Lawn chairs, ladder, satellite dishes, hoses, and a storage unit that we no longer have room for. Go back to the bus and they only did the front tires, so now we have to drive the forty something miles to Moab to have the rear four switched out. We took our sweet time, this time with me towing the Hummer behind Joey's welding rig, and narrowly escaping death to capture some of the awesome panoramic views of the cliffs. (When I die in a car wreck, check my left hand for a camera).

By the time we get to Moab, they say we're too late and they can get to us at 8am the next day (right now). Rather then driving all the way out and staying along the Colorado River and chancing a blow out, we dry camped right in town, across from Denny's. Guess where we had supper?

Dry camping for the first time since last year, we forgot how boring it is with NO electricity. Not just no electricity, but even our house batteries are dead so we don't even have lights or enough battery power to pump the water. It turned out to be a blessing because it got us all outside and playing on the dirt mountain behind us. I'll post the pics once I download them. In the meantime I added a little widget to the sidebar that posts pictures from my cell phone, which I'll do periodically until we're wherever we're going. I said we made a decision to leave, we just haven't fully committed as to where yet. Follow along and you'll know when I do!

We are living proof that one does not need to have their shit all together to live on the road.


Lisa said...

Ok, I just have to say that I've been reading your blog for a bit here and there, and you seem to be leading my dream life! We homeschool, too, and we'd love to do it from the road some day. You are an inspiration. Your pictures are great!


Karen said...

Ya, I'm still trying to get my shit together. Whether home or on the road, it just ain't. BUT.... That's O.K.! :)

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