Friday, May 23

Bus on the Road again

Outside Arches National Park
Outside Arches National Park.
Outside Moab
Outside Moab and the house made in theHole 'N the Rock. We stopped outside the house, thinking we'd take the tour this time, but only got a new caravan shot instead.
Our Caravan

This is the dirt lot we parked in while we waited for the final four bus tires.
Dry camping for the night in Moab
It's also where the kids played physics.
Jewel at work
Unschooling - Physics
They started with small rocks but quickly learned they had more of an impact with the larger ones. No children were hurt in the process.

Almost out of Utah, we see an arch off the side of the road that was screaming for us to hike it. Hike it, we flip flops, even.
hiking up to Wiilson Arch
As usual, they smoked me up the hill.
Wilson Arch
Walking inside the arch on a windy day, was actually a little scary. The woman that came up after me was grabbing on to my hand for support and constantly kepy chanting how "scaaaared" she was. I couldn't get myself to look up without getting dizzy.
Wilson Arch
The other side.
Wilson Arch - Inside
Looking down.
View from Wilson Arch

We finished the day with a nice storm going through Colorado, and into New Mexico.
Storm in Colorado desert


Megan said...

How have fuel costs affected your lifestyle?

Karen said...

I'll let you know when we're hitting MN. John's got the bus parked by some lake, near Fairbault, I think? Where are/will you be? E-mail me "off blogger" and we'll work out the details. Do ya have my e-mail? thewildtribe@gmail

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