Friday, June 6

Quick Visit Home

I'm so far behind, we've done over three thousand miles since my lost post, and you'll never guess where we ended up. I have about thirty minutes to catch up while I'm waiting for our clothes to dry......

After leaving Utah, we headed straight to my parents' house in Texas. We were able to unload a bunch of stuff that we no longer wanted to haul around, like the satellite dish, extra tools, black trash bags of clothes, two large coolers and entire rock band of instruments. We also got to party hardy with my niece for her sixth birthday! We even talked my brother into letting her stay with us the WHOLE weekend.....I don't know if Jewel could have been any happier!

We thought we'd go down to the coast for work, but after hearing horror stories of the guys getting their welding rigs stolen, and the fact that we've been north for so long, we had forgotten what 90 degrees felt like. It felt hot, really hot.

Before we headed north again, the boys practiced their archery skillz on soda cans.
Archer Jake

The real trick was doing it while hula hooping, though.
archey/hula hooping
Jonas almost had it mastered.

It was a short visit, but one of my favorites. (I wish I hadn't taken so long to post, because I know I had so much more to say about my visit. When I'm driving for ten hours I come up with the BEST posts, but when I'm sitting in a school parking lot waiting for my laundry to dry, trying to rush through a post.....this is about as good as it gets.)


Jody said...

Well, hey! There you are. I was beginning to wonder where the fuhkaui.

So near, yet so far! Come in the winter. Beaches are lovely and the tourists are gone!

Vicki said...

I know! and I was so excited when Joey said he wanted to work along the coast!

We plan on being down there again this winter FOR SURE! lol

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