Saturday, June 7

Kansas to Missouri

I couldn't decide whether to drive to town so I could get internet and blog, or watch TV. I've already gotten up early today to make Joey breakfast before work, walkdanced around the lake twice, washed the outside windows, vacuumed, taken the kids fishing, and gotten a little tanner, so zoning out to some reality TV sounded really good, but I decided to leave it up to the kids. I asked if they wanted to go to a huge playground in town where I could put up a free signal and get online. They're climbing like monkeys.


After leaving Texas we had only TWO days to go 982 miles up to Minnesota. We knew it'd be tough, especially when we only made it as far as to the Kansas turnpike the first day. The next morning we knew we'd never make it, and since we were no longer rushing to get there we got off the turnpike earlier and learned a lesson into why the turnpike is worth every penny. I was following Joey thru Kansas City and he made a last minute turn onto another busy Interstate, and I got my first glimpse of the traffic stopped directly in front of me. I'm towing a 6500 lb. deadly object behind me and I almost didn't get it stopped in time! I was so scared, and thankful the kids were in the bus. I will never curse the tollway again!

We stopped in Missouri for the night, at Wallace State Park. When we pulled in the sign said campground full but I seriously doubted it was so went on in, and it wasn't. It was full for the upcoming memorial weekend but we could stay the one night before the crowds came.

It was a nice, quiet, beautiful park, with numerous small hiking trails. Joey, Jonas, Jewel and I walked down to Skunk Hollow Lake( while Jake probably played Wii).
Which Way Do We Go?
I know I get confused easily, but they're sure not helping with this sign.

The trails were full of snails, making it at times hard to not step on them. Jonas proudly showed off his new friend...
Wallace State Park pooping snails
....and wasn't even fazed by the poop dragging across his hand.

Our quick walk to the lake slowed down to a snail's pace when Jonas and Jewel brought their friends along, and carried them like they were glasses of water.
Wallace State Park hiking trail to lake

When you can't beat 'em..... give up and wait.
Wallace State Park taking a break

Even the girl doesn't mind the poop! I want to gag.
Wallace State Park snails

Someone left behind a bag of bread along the trail, so the kids have now focused on feeding the fish.
Wallace State Park Lale

How could he not climb it?
Wallace State Park

Fun walkway thru the forest and over the muck.
Walking bridge in Wallace State Park

He's talking Joey language to me, and I'm loving it.
Wallace State Park shooting me the sign
Wait for me!

We finished the night roasting chocolate marshmallows (to die for when roasted), and watching Jewel twirl around her bubbles my mom gave all the kids before we left.
Blowing bubbles in Wallace State Park

The next morning all the kids and I went on another hike, and just after I was thinking there could be snakes out here....Jacob almost stepped on one. We watched him a while until he finally slithered away, but we never did find out what he was.

This morning I also made the decision to walk every morning. I also decided to leave all electronics off at night. I'm really appreciating the calmness without the TV's and video games, and actually getting to sleep the same day I wake up. The kids are even going to sleep sooner and we're all interacting together more.

Have I mentioned before how much I love my life?

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Ze Happy Buckley Tribe said...

The lake sign made me laugh out loud!!!

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