Wednesday, June 18

Our Beach in the Midwest

When we can't get to the coast, we can at least get to the beach. The beaches of Lake McConaughy, that is.
Lake McConaughy (6)
We stumbled upon this oasis last summer and have been itching to get back ever since.

The water was pretty cold the first day, so the next day we dug out the wetsuits.
Suitin' Up
And actually enjoyed putting them on! At least Jonas did.

Joey built sand stairs in an attempt to make it easier to get up and down, and Jewel kept up with the constant maintenance.
Lake McConaughy (68)

Joey also carved out a tiki man, but once he added arms and legs it looked more like Spongebob on steroids.
Beach Art

By the time we broke out the boogie boards the waves were gone, which left the boys waiting for the wake of a speed boat or jet ski. It was tricky getting the timing down right, but they were having fun figuring it out.

Lake McConaughy (109)

Joey captured this cool shot of Jacob with the noodle.
Lake McConaughy (75)
We're not sure which one was bigger.

It wouldn't be a Nebraska lake post for me without the obligatory toad shot.
Lake McConaughy (114)

Meet Toad, and Toad, Jr.
Lake McConaughy (115)

It amazes me how my kids expressions always seem to mimic those of their toad buddies.
Lake McConaughy
I don't know, maybe it's just me.

We finished both nights around the campfire, with wood that I gathered....... by driving to another RV spot and taking the logs they left behind. Joey used to cringe when I did that, but if he really didn't want me to take it he wouldn't even tell me it was there. The last time I "gathered" he even helped! Let's keep that between us, though.

Lake McConaughy (124)
Get out of my way!
Lake McConaughy storm
A storm was rolling in, and knowing it'll most likely pass within half an hour, we had to protect our fire.
Protecting our campfire
It worked and we were able to finish off another bag of chocolate marshmallows.


Gypsy La Sal said...

CHOCOLATE marshmallows?!?!!!

SewQt said...

Hello, I could not find any contact info on your are a family of six. We have been unsettled our whole lives and finally realized that we belong on the road!(More to it than that, but that is the short of it) So...we thought we would contact some families that are already living our dream to get some advice. Do you have e-mail? If so, could you contact me at ...I guess we just want to know the basic survival tips for life on the road and have some dialog with people that don't think you're crazy! Anyway..."We" are Paul & Vanessa and would be delighted to here from you! Thanks.
Oh...I really like the tiki man turned Spongebob on steroids!

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