Friday, June 13

Travel to Work, Work to Travel

We finally pull into Janesville where Joey's going to be wrapping up construction on a new Ethanol plant. We pull into the RV park near Lake Elysian to find one of those RV parks that have trailers semi-permanently parked for the owners to come back to every weekend and a week or two in the summers. Those are good for the kids, because it means they may see the same kids over and over and eventually become friends. When I went into the office and told them we were here for a few weeks working at the plant, she told me they have a construction special, and have a special spot set up just for the construction workers. AND AGAIN WE'VE BEEN OUT CASTED! Everybody else is near the pool and playgrounds, and eachother....and we're led up away from the RV park into a little clearing in the woods all by ourselves. They say it's so we're not bugged by the party weekenders, but I know it's because they think construction workers are an eyesore to have in their parks. Lucky us!
Lake Elysian RV park (9)
No one else had near the amount of space and privacy that we did. Nor did they get to feel like Huck Finn while walking to the pool.
Lake Elysian RV park (6)

A rare shot of Joey without at least two kids climbing on his head.
Lake Elysian RV park (2)

And while I'm not really allowed to be talking about him and his's a good thing he doesn't read this for the articles.....we only ended up staying here a couple nights. He walked on to the job site, saw all the inspectors with their clipboards and safety vests, had a glimpse into what it would be like working there with all their rules and regulations, and remembered how nice it was working back in Colorado, on his own, doing oil drilling rig maintenance, for..ohhh....almost three times the pay......turned around, accepted his old boss's offer, came back home, loaded up the lawn chairs.....and off we were again.

You didn't see that one coming, huh?

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